Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th September 2021 Written Update: Charmi’s plan backfires on her

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Episode starts with Vipul informing that Aatish accepted his crime. Everyone gets elated hearing it, while Nandini becomes shocked. She ask how can he accepts it? To which Vipul says that truth can’t stay hidden. She gets worried, whereas Darsh makes her understand that Aatish was just acting innocent in front of her to gain her confidence. He ask her to apologise to Namrata and end the matter. Nandini thinks about talking to Aatish.

Here, Nandini calls Aatish and questions that why he accepted the crime? To which he replies that he can stand for himself but he can’t see police torturing his parents. He declares that it’s hard to stand against Rawals. Whereas, Nandini determines to prove his innocence.

Nandini goes near Aatish’s house and requests his neighbours to help him. Everyone says that they haven’t heard any violence sound from his house but have raed that he ill-treated his wife so they deny to help Nandini. She gets tensed but stay firm to prove his innocence.

Elsewhere, Nandini goes to the hospital and ask about Namrata’s reports. She states that she wants to check whether it’s correct or not. The doctor ask if she is doubting their reports? She tries to make him understand but he denies to give it to her and ask to bring Namrata to collect it.

Darsh questions about Nandini on seeing her missing. Vipul and Rajvi says that she must have gone to prove Namrata wrong. Vipul ask Darsh to make Nandini understand, while Rajvi worries about Namrata’s state. Parul says that she is not feeling to celebrate any festival but Rajvi ask her to do it.

Ahead, Parul explains Vini about the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, while she declares that Nandini makes the best sweet and she will only make it. Whereas, Namrata gets ready and smirks thinking about teaching Nandini a lesson. Nandini ask Rajvi if she can help her but she denies. Charmi smirks and goes to make soft drink for everyone. She mixes something in Nandini’s drink and thinks about getting Drash back. Meanwhile, Darsh questions Nandini that where she was? He ask if she apologised to Namrata? Rajvi scolds her for not asking sorry from Namrata, while Nandini stays firm on her decision and thinks about fighting for the right.

Charmi serves drinks to everyone, while Vini comes there and mixes all the glass. Charmi forces Nandini to drink and she feels uneasy. Darsh gets concerned for her but she says that she will be fine. Later, Namrata sees Charmi sleeping on her bed and tries to wake her up but she didn’t move.

A women tries to get inside Rawals house. She sees Shobhit and lies that her God’s idol gets exchanged with them. At that time Nandini comes there and the lady says that she is searching for her kid who went inside. Nandini gets confused and replies that she haven’t seen anyone. Meanwhile, Rajvi ask Darsh to take the idol and get inside the house. He ask for Nandini, to which Rajvi says that she do whatever she wants. Nandini comes there and replies that she only thinks about their good and don’t want them to do anything wrong. She goes inside, while Darsh ask Shobhit and Charmi to do the Puja.

Further, Nandini sees a boy inside the house who gets scared seeing Namrata. She ask that why is he getting scared? To which he relies that Namrata is dangerous and when they went for Aatish’s party, she have shouted on Aatish and when he recorded the video, she have also shouted and threatened him. She thinks that she can get prove from the video and goes with the boy to get it.

Precap:- Namrata questions Nandini about meeting the lady, to which she replies that she is her relative. Namrata gets doubtful and confronts Nandini.

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