Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th April 2021 Written Update: Nandini gets overwhelmed hearing Darsh’s vows


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Episode starts with Rajvi supporting Nandini. She raises voice for Nandini and ask everyone to believe her. She goes towards Naveen and questions him for doubting Nandini. She says that she will be a mother-in-law, who understands her daughter-in-law. She states about a girl’s feeling during the marriage and stays firm on her decision to support Nandini. She goes towards Nandini and assures her. She declares that Moped have tried to force Nandini and now he will have to face her wrath.

Rajvi sends Darsh-Nandini and Shobhit-Gunjan to stage and ask them to start with the wedding rituals. Keshav stops them, making everyone shocked. He moves towards stage, whereas all looks at him. He goes towards Nandini and apologises to her but she ask him not to. He compliments Darsh for his choice and appreciates Nandini, making them elated. Nandini promises to take care of Darsh, while Gunjan makes annoyed faces. Namrata taunts Nandini but Rajvi advice her to ignore Namrata.

Keshav ask to begin the marriage function and everyone gets contented. Darsh snaps his finger, whereas Nandini makes sound from her bangles. He smiles and both remembers their moments “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha plays.” Naveen and Bansuri along with Rajvi comes forward for the rituals to perform. They happily does Nandini’s kanyadan and proceed towards Gunjan.

Here, Gunjan tries to hold Shobhit’s hand but he removes his hand. He remembers his moments with Charmi and gets into delimma. Gunjan gets upset seeing his reaction, while elders perform their rituals.

Later, Nandini makes Darsh wear garland excitedly and he does the same. Gunjan also makes Shobhit wear the garland, but his hands shivers while making her wear it. Gunjan ask if he is ok? To which he nods positively. He moves ahead, making the clothe attaching them falls down. Everyone gets shocked, whereas he picks it up and apologises. He handles the situation, masking his inner turmoils.

Both the couple starts taking pheras. Darsh says his own vows, that he will never let tears form in Nandini’s eyes. She adores him, while Gunjan gets irked seeing their love. Darsh says his second vow that he will respect Nandini. Rajvi shows her gratitude towards the God for blessing Darsh with Nandini. She gets emotional. She thinks about Shobhit’s sacrifice and states that his respect have increased in her eyes.

Darsh says his third vow that he will always support Nandini “Mantras plays in the background,” Gunjan gets furious seeing Nandini’s happiness and determines to snatch it from her, if she herself won’t get contentment from Shobhit. Further, Darsh says his 4th vow that he will always keep Nandini’s wish ahead of himself. Nandini keeps staring at him lovingly, while Naveen and Bansuri smiles.

Precap:- Rawal’s ask the newly wedded couples to perform ring finding ritual. Darsh tells them that who will find the ring will rule their partner throughout the life. Everyone smiles at his statement but suddenly gets dumbstruck, as he splashes his hand inside the bowl. The water splatters upon Nandini’s face. She and Rajvi looks at Darsh with confusion.

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