Aggar Tum Na Hote 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Abhimanyu asks Manorama to hire Niyati as his Nurse


Aggar Tum Na Hote 22nd November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram learns that Abhimanyu is Manorama’s son. Shayra asks Ram that what is he doing in the hospital. He lies to her that he forgot his glasses so came to get it. He asks her about Abhimanyu. She tells him that chances are less for Abhimanyu to get cured and leaves from there. He gets glimpses of past and leaves from there. Abhimanyu wakes up and asks for water. Manorama gives water to him. He asks her to not worry because if something happens to her then he has no one to take care of him.

She tells him that she is not good mother. But he opposes her saying that she is world’s best mother. She tells him that she want to become best mother. She asks Dr Sharma to prepare everything for Abhimanyu’s discharge because she wants her son to get treatment where his smile won’t fade. He nods at her. Abhimanyu teasingly tells his uncle that today Manorama showed her another face.

Ram recalls Lata’s proposal and also about Abhimanyu’s disease. Sulochna complains about online shopping. Ram reaches home. Niyati asks him that what happened to him. Anand takes Ram’s blessings. Ram tells Niyati that he want to talk to her. He says to her that he realised his responsibility today. He praises her for being a good daughter and tells her that he failed as a father. She asks him to not say like that.

He tells her that he can’t stay with her always and it’s the right time for her marriage and Anand is right life partner for her. Sulochna agrees with him. Ram tells Niyati that her decision only matters because it’s her marriage and asks about her decision. She asks him that why he is talking about her marriage suddenly.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu tells Manorama that he likes Niyati. She recalls seeing Niyati with Ram. He tells her that he knows his present and future so she should not talk about it to Niyati. Other side, Niyati tells Ram that she never saw Anand as life partner. He asks her to change her perspective. Sulochna wonders that why Ram changed his decision suddenly. Lata asks Niyati to take her time to think and tell her decision later.

Manorama asks Abhimanyu to get some rest and his treatment will continue in their guest house so he should not lose hope. He asks her that who is his Doctor. She tells him that Anand and Dr Sharma only. He tells her that he is going to enjoy the treatment. He asks her to hire Niyati as his Nurse. He tells her that he can’t marry her and he feels peace when she is around him.

Niyati wonders that why Ram suddenly taking about her marriage. Abhimanyu calls Niyati. She asks him that how he got her number. He informs her that he got her number from Shayra. Meanwhile, Sulochna asks Ram that why he agreed for Niyati and Anand’s marriage. He tells her that he realised his mistake and now they should get rid of the past. He asks her to forgot the past and Niyati should not know about it.

Episode ends.