Tere Bina Jiya Na 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Krisha apologises to Devraj


Tere Bina Jiya Na 22nd November 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj trying to talk to Krisha but she doesn’t come out of her room. He starts going away from there, while she runs behind him and hugs him tightly. She cries while he consoles her. He wipes her tears and ask her not to cry, whereas she holds her ears and apologises to him. He consoles her and says that their family won’t like it if they sees them close and ask her to get inside her room. She leaves from there while he thinks about something seriously.

Here, Krisha sees Jaya inside her room talking to her family. She hands over the phone to Krisha, while latter talks to her father and Yash. She assures them that she is fine, while Yash teases them by asking if she have troubled them. Krisha’s father informed her that Jaya have invited them for some post marriage ritual of Devraj and her. Krisha gets excited and ask them to come as soon as possible.

Jaya praises Krisha’s family while latter starts telling about her family. She then realises that she talked too much and apologises to Jaya, while latter encourages her to talk more. Jaya also informs Krisha that she have to complete her first Rasoi ritual and leaves from there. Krisha gets worried thinking that she can’t cook.

Elsewhere, Krisha talks to God asking him to help her. She gets tensed thinking that how she will cook, while Roma smirks watching her. She comes inside and ask how she will cook, to which Krisha shows her the book published by her father, as he is a great chef. She says that she will cook by seeking help from his cookery book.

Jaya, Meenakshika and Rati takes Krisha inside the kitchen and sends the servants away. They tells Krisha to cook something as her first Rasoi, while latter gets scared. At that time Devraj comes to boost her confidence, while the womens teases him. Jaya ask to click Krisha’s picture as it will be memorial.

Ahead, Krisha notices an empty photoframe and points it out, while everyone gets shocked seeing it. Jaya handles the situation saying that they will put Krisha’s picture in it. They leaves from there asking Devraj not to help Krisha much.

Krisha gets nervous, while Devraj calms her. She gets overwhelmed by his gesture, while he and Aarav prepares the ingredients for her. She ask Devraj to bring her father’s book from there room, while he does it.

Further, Jaya talks with Ugra and ask her to forget the past. Ugra tells about all the injustice done to her. Jaya gets shocked a mysterious box inside Ugra’s room and questions about it, while latter replies that she have taken it from Raghav. Jaya ask if she have seen what is inside it? To which she nods positively, stating that it carries some old things of Devraj and someone else. Meanwhile, Rati hears their conversation.

Krisha starts making sweet by reading from her father’s cookery book. She reads that she have to add turmeric powder in sweet, while Raghav and Devraj gets confused hearing it. They tries to stop her but she says that her father’s book can’t be wrong. Whereas, Roma watches it and smirks. She remembers how she changed the pages of that cookery book.

The end.