Agnisakshi 12th March 2023 Written Update: Satvik takes a stand for Jeevika


The episode starts with Jeevika’s father asking Jeevika to tell the truth. Is she really happy here? Pallavi comes there and interrupts their conversation. Pallavi says to him that he will get time to talk with his daughter but he shouldn’t make her-in-laws wait for him. They may misunderstand them. Narayanan asks Jeevika’s father. Is everything alright? Latha says to him it’s a big mansion and Satvik is also there with Jeevika. There is no problem here. Narayanan says that he feels that he has to ask him something.

Prateep says that he doesn’t know about his father’s intentions but he has to ask something important from Satvik regarding Jeevika’s matter. He adds that he worries about his sister after her wedding. Swara manages the situation there by cracking a joke. Later, Pallavi asks Jeevika. Is everything alright? She says to her that she isn’t a kid anymore. She has to learn how to face the problems in her in-law’s house. She shouldn’t bring it to her parents’ house. Rajnandini comes there and apologizes to them for interrupting their conversation. Rajnandini asks Jeevika what she is going to wear at the reception. As an elder daughter-in-law of this house, she has to take care of it. Jeevika shows her dress to her. She says that she designed it by herself. Rajnandini makes faces after seeing it. She lies to her. It’s pretty.

Pallavi says to Rajnandini that Jeevika doesn’t attend such big parties. So she has no idea how to dress for this party. Rajnandini says that she saw it after seeing this dress. She adds that she isn’t saying that this dress looks dull. But it’s an important function. Many rich people are going to attend it. She doesn’t want to see Jeevika feel embarrassed in front of them.

Jeevika says that she is aware that she won’t do anything which hurts her. She gives a new set of dresses to her. Jeevika says that she hasn’t worn such a dress yet. Rajnandini asks her not to wear it if she feels uncomfortable in this dress. She adds that Satvik likes it. Jeevika assures her to wear it for him. Later, Shlok apologizes to Swara but she ignores him. Shlok thinks about what her problem is with him.

Swara praises Jeevika’s appearance. Satvik comes there. Swara takes a picture of them. Satvik asks Jeevika. Isn’t she comfortable in this dress? Swara says that she is comfortable here. He doesn’t like it, it seems. Satvik says that she looks pretty in this dress, but she seems uncomfortable in this dress. Jeevika says that she wore it for his sake.

Later, Rajnandini is talking with the guests. Satvik says to her that Jeevika is uncomfortable in that dress. Rajnandini says to him that she is aware that she was uncomfortable in that dress. But everyone’s eyes would be on her. They have to make up things better or else they will doubt she isn’t happy here. Later, Satvik and Jeevika go down together. Satvik holds her for support.

Jeevika and Satvik greet the guests. Satvik notices the reporters there and doubts why they are here. Rajnandini thinks that Jeevika is going to face problems in her life. The reporters start questioning Satvik and Jeevika. Everyone is shocked to see the way reporters make Jeevika uncomfortable with their questions. Juhi and Rajnandini smirk at each other. Rajnandini stops Shlok from stopping the media. Satvik says to the media it’s a private function. Media are not allowed in this function. The reporter keeps troubling Jeevika with her questions. Satvik comes in front of her and says to them that Jeevika doesn’t have interest in him but he wants to marry her. Juhi says that Rajnandini’s plan was ruined. Satvik insults the media.

Episode ends