Agnisakshi 18th September 2023 Written Update: Jeevika discovers the truth

Agnisakshi 18th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jeevika playing with Swara. Juhi asks them to add her to this game. Swara tells her that she won’t add her to this game. Jeevika asks her not to talk like that. Swara tells her that Jeevika forgot the past but she didn’t. She was just reflecting on Juhi’s attitude. Jeevika intentionally makes Juhi fall. She put her hand to help her. Juhi denied it. Everyone makes fun of her. Latha asks Jeevika to bring the gold coin. Juhi thinks that the game has just begun. Later, Jeevika takes Arathi to Satvik. She notices that the gold coin is missing in the almira. Satvik asks her what happened. She tells him about it. Satvik asks her what if someone stole it? Juhi thinks that Latha is going to lash out at Jeevika for it. Juhi says to Sundari that Jeevika thought that she had beaten her at a small game. She doesn’t know what she has planned for her. Jeevika says to Latha that a gold coin has been missing. She is not able to find it. Latha says that they prepared the gold coins to gift the guest.

Swara says to Latha that Jeevika never lost anything since childhood. She isn’t careless. Latha says that if she couldn’t manage, she couldn’t have taken responsibility for it. The guest asks them to give them the gold coin. Juhi insults them. The guest is humiliated and then leaves. Jeevika apologised to them. Satvik says that she shouldn’t have taken the responsibility if she couldn’t manage well. Juhi meets Jeevika and says to her that she feels sorry for her. She shouldn’t have taken the responsibility if she couldn’t do it. She shouldn’t be careless like that. She scolds her. Jeevika notices the bracelet on Juhi’s hand. Later, Shlok says to Satvik that he shouldn’t have scolded Jeevika like that in front of everyone. Satvik says that he doesn’t want to scold her either. He knew well that someone was trying to frame her here. He can’t take a stand for her until he finds out that person. He got furious when everyone tried to frame her. So he showed his anger at her. Sholk says that she needs his support in this time.

Meanwhile, Jeevika is walking to and forth in tension. Jeevika thinks that she saw the same bracelet on Juhi’s hand. It may be a coincidence. Juhi can’t kill her. She wishes to inform Satvik about it. She thinks that he may make the wrong decision in a rush. He may show his anger at her. She thinks that she can discuss with Utkarsh about it. She informs Utkarsh about it. She is trying to defend Juhi there. She can’t kill her. Utkarsh says to her that she won’t believe anything until she sees it with her own eyes. Later, Jeevika is lost in her thoughts. Satvik touched his ears and apologized to her. He tells her that he won’t take his hands until she forgives him. Jeevika tells him that he shouldn’t apologise to her. Someone took it. Satvik asks her who had taken it? That person knew well she placed the gold coins in the almira. He asks her if that madam had taken it? She tells him that she has no idea about it.

Jeevika notices Swara sitting outside. She asks her to go inside the house. Swara says to Jeevika that she thinks that Juhi had taken the gold coins. Juhi might have stolen the gold coins. She asks her why she is suspecting her. Swara says that she saw Juhi in her room. Jeevika tells her that she shouldn’t suspect her without evidence.

Episode end

Precap; Satvik says to Jeevika that their child goes to their own school. Jeevika reveals to him that she can’t become a mom.

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