Agnisakshi 9th March 2023 Written Update: Satvik reveals the truth to Jeevika


The episode starts with Rajnandini’s sister asking her why she is smiling. She is scared to see her smile. Rajnandini says to her that she is smiling there, but Satvik breaks inside him. He may be angry about his destiny. She shares her happiness with her sister. Meanwhile, Satvik enters his room. Satvik apologizes to Jeevika. He tells her that Latha mausi decorated all this. He is able to understand how hard it is for her to see it all. Jeevika tells him it’s not her fault. It’s normal at every wedding. She says to him that she can’t arrange any surprises for him, but a small gift is affordable. She tells him that many times she hears her name mentioned as Jeevika. But she fell in love with her name after he mentioned her name.

Later, Rajnandini says to his sister that Satvik doesn’t have any feelings for Jeevika but she loves him. Her sister says that she is just the elder daughter-in-law of this house, not Bigg Boss. Everything didn’t go as she planned. Rajnandini thinks that Satvik and Jeevika’s life goes as she planned.

Satvik says to Jeevika that she changed the serious situation into a normal one. He takes the gifts in his hand and says that married life is considered as a 7-life relationship but ours is just a 7 month journey. He expresses his feelings for her. Jeevika was shocked to hear it. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s father recalls Manas’s words and feels agitated. He couldn’t sleep peacefully thinking about his daughter’s life.

Later, Satvik says to Jeevika that marriage is a business deal for him. But it’s a commitment to his father. He was adamant not to do the operation until he said yes to marriage. He was in a dilemma but he got her due to luck. She was written in his destiny. He says to her that he got married to her for Narayanan’s sake. But why did she say yes to this marriage? What’s the need of it?

Jeevika’s father lightened the diyas. He thinks that the diyas are blown off due to the breeze. He says that his daughter is innocent. Nothing should go wrong in his daughter’s life. He shouldn’t punish her. Later, Satvik says to Jeevika that he isn’t allowing her to talk. He is nervous thinking about it. He tells her that she may be tired so she can sleep in bed. He will sleep on the sofa. She asks him to sleep in bed. He excuses her. Jeevika sleeps on the floor and cries in silence. Satvik is facing the same situation. He tells her that he is able to understand her situation. Jeevika lies to him that she is fine.

Satvik informs her that they have to meet a lawyer tomorrow to apply for divorce. Jeevika was shocked to hear it. Rajnandini thinks that Jeevika won’t believe her own ears. She may be doubting her destiny. All her dreams were shattered in a night. Satvik would have revealed the truth to her now. Rajnandini is on cloud nine.

Satvik says to Jeevika that he shouldn’t have dragged this process. Let’s end it asap. Satvik feels guilty seeing her in tears and leaves from there, giving space to her. Jeevika breaks into tears. She notices the letter and reads his message. She is shocked to read his message. Later, Satvik recalls Narayanan’s words and Jeevika’s teary face. He feels sorry for Jeevika. He thinks that he doesn’t know why it is hurting him a lot. Jeevika is aware of the truth though she is breaking down. He doesn’t know why it is hurting him this much. He would definitely fulfill his promise and release her from this married life. He shares his grief with the moon.

Meanwhile, Jeevika recalls the incidents when the truth was in front of her. But she couldn’t realise it. Satvik was trying to reveal the truth to her but she didn’t understand it. Satvik is about to meet with an accident. An old lady saved him and advised him. Many things going on in his mind. She indirectly says to him that he will choose the right path soon. Jeevika walks on the road and loses her balance. Satvik holds her on time. He asks her if she has searched for him. He takes her from there.

Rajnandini enters Satvik’s room and notices the decorations. She thinks that nothing happened between them as she expected. She thinks that she failed to see her crying face. But it’s not the last time. She is going to cry every day in her life. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s family miss Jeevika. Prateep is checking the marriage expenses. He is shocked to see Jeevika’s hospital bill and informs his father about it. He doubts who paid the remaining money. Narayanan gets agitated after finding Jeevika is missing at home.

Episode ends