Udaariyaan 9th March 2023 Written Update: Nehmat doesn’t find Harleen anywhere


Episode starts with the grand arrangement of the Holi celebration in Sandho family. Harleen calls a decorator to bring some sweets and also gives him a list which she needs. She expects that Nehmat and Ekaam would worship together, she seems very happy regarding the celebration. When she proceedes to the inside, a boy comes covering his face, and stands infront of her. After removing the cover, Harleen notices that Advait reaches there. When she asks why did he come there, Advait says he wants her to go with him.

When he puts some force on her, Harleen requests him to leave. Seeing some people, Harleen starts screaming but Advait forces her to go with him. Here, Nehmat calls Harleen to know where she is. But Harleen doesn’t receive the call. Meanwhile, Harleen is brutally insulted by Advait as she spolied his image telling the truth to media.

Harleen accuses him for abusing Nehmat, when she shows her straightforwardness, Advait mistreats with her. Then both continue their word fighting, Advait blames her that he has lost all his respect for her. But Harleen doesn’t seem guilt for her deeds. They both slap each other. But after few moments, Advait holds her breath so tightly that Harleen feels claustrophobic between his hands. When he gives a strong jerks to her, Harleen loses her sense.

Suddenly, Advait gets tensed whether he has taken her life. When Nehmat asks her parents whether they do know about Harleen but they don’t tell her about the surprise. Nehmat keeps worrying about about Harleen. Meanwhile, some people come to bring the sweets, then Nehmat feels relieved to know about Harleen. When she eagers to go to meet, Harleen, she is stopped by her parents. But she can’t stop her worries about Harleen.

Here, Samaher Kappor gets tensed as they failed to find out him. He rebukes Rama for spoiling her child. Here, Harleen is dragged by Advait to hide her body, her shoes were left in the midst, he seems tensed what should he do. Then he suddenly thinks to put the body in midst of the fuel, so she will be burnt out alive. Dragging the body of Harleen, he puts her under the wood abd arrange them as before. When others come, he leaves the place. In the evening, all the members reach the celebration spot. Nehmat continues her searching for Harleen.

Jasmine also keeps calling her, but no one gets the answer. Nehmat keeps asking her nanu about Harleen, but he doesn’t day anything. Sandho family are appreciated for the grand arrangements of Holi. Whenever Nehmat proceeds to search Harleen, she is somehow stopped by others. Then suddenly, the nanu of Nehmat plays some WhatsApp voice notes of Harleen, where she wishes Nehmat for Holi. Nehmat waits for the surprise of Harleen.

When all are worshipping the God, then suddenly Nehmat notices Ekam coming. Seeing him, she gets surprised. Ekam keeps staring at her. She realises this is the surprise of Harleen. But the restlessness of Nehmat doesn’t stop. She keeps calling Harleen. Ekam also thinks why Nehmat looks so worried. But when Nehmat proceeds to ask about Ekam, he tries to calm her down. She also questions about Advait, Ekam pacifies Nehmat that Advait couldn’t do anything to her. When the celebration finally gets started, Advait waits in the car to see the destruction of Harleen. Rupi and Satti encourages Nehmat to engage herself in the celebration.

Episode ends.