Ajooni 17th March 2023 Written Update: Rajveer and Kamli learns about Shikha’s plan


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Episode begins with Shikha tells Harman that she saw Rajveer and Kamli together. She says that they can’t trust maid. She asks her to check Kamli’s bag and the latter will find Rajveer’s blanket for sure. Harman calls Kamli and tells her to bring her bag. Kamli brings her bag. Harman asks her to open the bag. Kamli tells her that she did not steal anything. Bebe asks Harman that if anything is missing. Harman pushes Kamli and Kamli falls on Rajveer. Rajveer asks Harman that why she is troubling Kamli. Harman asks him that why he is going against his family for Kamli. She says that Rajveer’s blanket will be in Kamli’s bag.

Kamli opens her bag but Rajveer’s blanket is not there. Harman looks at Shikha. Shikha makes an excuse and goes inside. Rajveer recalls that how he took his blanket from Kamli’s bag. Bebe and Ravinder scolds Harman for blaming Rajveer. Rajveer says that he don’t want his mother to get punished due to him and leaves from there.

Later, Ravinder tells Rajveer that Sethi is happy with the latter’s rally. Rajveer tells him that he just did his work. Ravinder tells him that it’s just a beginning. He says that they need something new to impress the people. Rajveer tells him that he is going out now so he will think about party matter later. He signals at Kamli and leaves from there. Shikha notices that.

Bebe calls Kamli. Shikha informs her that Kamli is going to temple. Bebe says that she want Kamli to clean her room. Shikha thinks that Bebe may ruin her plan. She tells her that they should not stop Kamli because Kamli is going to temple. Bebe asks her to send Aman to clean her room. Shikha thinks that Kamli made her job easy.

In the market, Rajveer buys bangles and flowers for Kamli. They eats snacks from road side shop. Shikha records everything. She tells herself that she will make them cry. Later, Ravinder tells Bebe that there is a good news from party office. He tells Harvinder to learn something from Rajveer. He says that tomorrow party meeting will happen and party workers will get to know about Rajveer’s work. He taunts Harvinder and the latter leaves from there.

Shikha plans to insult Rajveer in party office. She scolds Harvinder for drinking again. She shows the video she recorded to him. Harvinder tells her that they should show the video to Ravinder. She tells him that they will play this video in party meeting. And then no one will praise Rajveer and Rajveer will lose his president post too. He says that he will become president. Kamli overhears their conversation and she tells everything to Rajveer. She says that she will reveal her truth. Rajveer tells her that she can’t do that now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shikha plays Rajveer and Kamli’s video in the party meeting. Sethi scolds Rajveer.

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