Chashni 17th March 2023 Written Update: Roshini warns Chandini


Chashni 17th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandini asking the doctor who is Sanjay Chopra’s guardian. He mentions Bindu and Vandana’s names. Chandini thinks that they betrayed her for so many years. She never told her that her father was alive. She inquires him where he is? The doctor informs her that they are taking him to the city hospital for further treatment. Chandini notices her father taking away. Chandini runs behind the ambulance. She meets with an accident. Raunaq helps her to stand up. She is out of her control.

Raunaq asks her to control herself. He ties her wound with his kerchief. Raunaq says to her that he is aware it’s a weak moment for her, but she shouldn’t lose her senses. She pleads with him to stop him. Raunaq says to her, let’s meet him in the hospital. Later, Chandini and Raunaq reach to the city hospital. They searched for Sanjay Chopra.

Manav calls Chandini to inquire about some important file. Tarun says that she was handling it. Chandini informs him that her father is alive. Manav inquires her whereabouts? She informs him that she is in a city hospital. Tarun overhears their conversation and wishes to alert Raj. Chandini hugs him emotionally. Raunaq supports her. Vandana and Bindu reach the hospital and inquire the doctor about Sanjay’s health. He narrates the situation to her. They are shocked to find Chandini there. She says to him that she will take his responsibility. Vandana says to Bindu that what they have feared these many years turns true. Later, Chandini gets emotional seeing her father after long years. She refuses to talk with her grandmother. She gives a kiss his hand and hugs him emotionally.

Chandini says to Bindu that she is aware that Sanjay is alive. Then why did she hide it from her? What expectations does she have for keeping a daughter’s award from her father? Vandana says to her that they aren’t giving her an explanation. They didn’t have an option back then. Chandini asks them, is this their explanation? She doesn’t have trust in them and listen to them anymore. Bindu says that she doesn’t understand their intentions. If she doesn’t understand them after she grows up, then how would she understand them when she was a child? Sanjay survived after that accident. They found him in the hospital after a few days. They don’t want to have an impact on them. So they hide him in a mental asylum. Roshini comes there and is shocked to see her father.

Roshini says that she saw grandmother leaving home in haste. She followed them. Chandini says to Roshini that he is alive. They separated him from them not anymore. She will take him back home. Roshini says that he will go back to a mental asylum. He is a murderer. He ruined our love. The disgrace he gave us can never be wiped out ever. Chandini says that someone else framed him in it. Roshini and Chandini are arguing with each other over this issue. Chandini says that she is crossing her limit. Roshini says that he took 40 children’s lives. She won’t allow him to go back home. Her decision will not only change her life but ours also and she will not let that happen. She has to make the choice today. Either it would be her dad or Roshini. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Later, Tarun informs Farhad that Sanju is alive. He was admitted to the hospital. Roshini meets Nirbhaya and shares her grief with him. He advised her not to leave Chandini’s side.

Episode ends

Precap; Roshini will say to Chandini that she is her dad. She doesn’t have any relationship with him. Raj will create a scene they shouldn’t spare Sanjay Chopra. A protest outbreak in front of the Hospital.

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