Ajooni 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Dolly lay a trap to frame Ajooni


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Episode begins with Dolly hides behind sofa hearing footsteps. Ajooni enters her room. She picks Subhash’s call and leaves her room. Dolly escapes from Ajooni’s room. She tells herself that she will ruin Ajooni’s happiness. She is about to burn Ajooni’s certificate. Rajveer stops her. He scolds her. He says that Ajooni achieved this with her hardwork. He adds that it’s precious for Ajooni. He tells her that he won’t let her burn the certificate. He asks her to see that what he does. Ajooni hears everything and leaves from there. Rajveer snatches the certificate from Dolly. He gives the certificate to PA and asks him to frame it. PA nods at him and leaves from there.

Dolly goes to Bebe. She says that Rajveer changed so much. She tells her that Rajveer taunted her for failing in the exams. She adds that Rajveer compared her with Ajooni. She tells her that they have to teach a lesson to Ajooni. Rajveer removes Dolly’s photo frame from the wall and he puts Ajooni’s certificate there.

Bebe asks him that what is he doing. Rajveer tells her that he is proud of Ajooni’s achievement. Bebe tells him that Ajooni did nothing big. Dolly laughs. Rajveer scolds her for laughing. Bebe tells him that Dolly cooks well not like Ajooni. She says that only Rajveer will eat Ajooni’s handmade food without any complaints. She adds that Ajooni is not naive like he thinks.

He asks her that what is she saying. She tells him that if she proved Ajooni is not naive then he should remove Ajooni’s certificate from the wall. She calls Ajooni. She introduces Dolly’s friend Surbhi to Ajooni. She asks Ajooni to cook for Dolly’s friends. She tells her to take Aman’s help. Ajooni smiles seeing her certificate on the wall. Rajveer smiles seeing her smile.

Dolly and Surbhi puts salt in the sauce. Surbhi asks Dolly to make sure that Ajooni opens the sauce bottle. Beeji and Meher comes there. Bebe asks them that what are they doing there. Meher tells her that they came to congratulate Ajooni. Bebe scolds them for coming uninvited. Rajveer tells her that he called them. He takes Beeji’s blessings. Bebe goes inside. Rajveer shows the certificate frame to Beeji and Meher. Ajooni gets happy seeing her family. She hugs them. Aman brings tea for Ajooni’s family.

Meher tells Ajooni that it looks like Rajveer is more happy than Subhash. She says that she can see love for Ajooni in Rajveer’s eyes. She adds that Rajveer is proud of Ajooni’s achievement. She tells her that  Avinash did not fight against his family for the latter.

Later, Dolly friend asks Dolly about Ajooni’s certificate. Rajveer proudly talks about Ajooni. Dolly asks Ajooni to bring sauce. Ajooni brings sauce. Dolly asks her to open the bottle. Ajooni opens it and sauce splashes on Surbhi’s face. Dolly says that Ajooni did this deliberately. Ajooni says that she did nothing wrong. Bebe scolds her. She tells Rajveer that this is Ajooni’s real face. She orders Rajveer to remove Ajooni’s certificate frame from the wall. Ajooni tells Bebe that Dolly and Surbhi are behind all this. She tells Bebe everything. Rajveer says that he won’t remove Ajooni’s certificate frame now.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Dolly gives medicine to Ajooni. She executes her plan to harm Ajooni. Later,  Ajooni struggles to breathe and asks Dolly to open the door. She faints.

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