Ajooni 27th February 2023 Written Update: Ravinder gives Rajveer’s responsibility to Harman


Ajooni 27th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Shikha tauntingly tells Harvinder to find the heir of Bagga house in this look. Harvinder twists her hand and tells her that he will show what he can do and leaves from there. Harman asks Ajooni that what happened. Ajooni tells her that they found glass pieces in Rajveer’s food and Rajveer left angrily. She says that she did not put that in the food. Ravinder says that finding Rajveer is priority now and leaves from there.

Security guard laughs seeing Harvinder’s look. Harvinder beat him up and orders him to find Rajveer. He goes to the terrace. Meanwhile, Rajveer recalls that how Ajooni gave food to him and how stranger warned him on the call. He faints. Harvinder comes there and finds Rajveer unconscious. He says that he is glad Rajveer is in unconscious state and now he will show to Shikha what he can do. He decides to throw an unconscious Rajveer from the terrace. He pick Rajveer up. Ravinder comes there so Harvinder changes his mind.

Harman says that she don’t want Ajooni near Rajveer. She asks Bebe to explain it to Ravinder. Bebe tells her that Ravinder never listens her still she will talk to him after finding Rajveer. Men of Bagga house brings Rajveer there. Ravinder tells Harvinder to take Rajveer to the room. He tells ladies of Bagga house that they found Rajveer on the terrace.

Harman says that it was Ajooni’s responsibility to take care of Rajveer and how he reached the terrace. He tells her that it’s her responsibility to take care of Rajveer from now on. He says that this happened due to Ajooni’s carelessness. Shikha thinks that she got another chance so she won’t waste it. And she will make sure that Rajveer throws Ajooni out of the house.

Ravinder asks Rajveer that where the latter is going at this time. Rajveer says that he want to know who is he and who want to kill him. Ravinder tells him that enemies are outside the house. Rajveer asks him about the enemies who is inside the house. Ravinder tells him that he is the latter’s father and ask to trust him. Rajveer tells him that it’s hard to trust anyone and he is scared. He says that he is troubling them too and apologizes to him. Ravinder asks him to not give pressure to mind and take rest. He says that everything will be fine and leaves from there.

Ravinder is sad that Rajveer is in this condition. He says that he won’t spare the culprit who made Rajveer like this. Harman tells him that she will make sure Rajveer regains his memory. Ajooni sneak into Rajveer’s room and tells Rajveer that she brought medicines for him. She pleads him to trust her. But Rajveer refuses to take medicines and falls on the bed.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shikha’s guy attacks Rajveer. Rajveer removes that guy’s mask.

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