Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul Upcoming Story: Ali to get severely injured?


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Sab TV launched a brand new show named Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul starring Sheezan Khan and Tunisha Sharma. The show revolves around Ali and Mariam’s struggle to save Kabul from the terror of Iblis and his forty thieves.

Simsim is trying her best to wake Iblis up by getting the Talisman gem but will she succeed that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Ali gets attacked by Simsim and he tries hard to escape from the cave and he hides from the thieves too but they find him with Simsim’s magic. They beat him up and he falls unconscious.

Later he gathers strength recalling Mariam and his kids. His leg gets stabbed by an arrow because of Simsim. Ali’s kids refuse to eat food in his absence and worry for him.

Ali disguises himself as one of the thieves and Simsim tells the thieves to find the magician to get the Talisman. Ali fools them and gets out of the cave which shocks the thieves.

In future episode viewers will see, Simsim will order the thieves to kill Parbaaz people to find the magician. Ali will say to defeat him they need to know the real magic.

Will Ali save himself?

Will Mariam talk to Kartar Singh?

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