Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Ali learns about Marjina’s whereabouts


Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Simsim saying she is now ready to get back Iblis and she gives the heart to Ghaddar and asks him to leave Iblis’s body. Alifi thinks she has to tell Ali right now that Simmi Jaan is the shadow. She goes towards Ali and the heart bumps into her. She holds the heart and Ghaddar comes out of Iblis’s corpse. Simsim disappears and Ghaddar tells Alifi to give him his beloved’s heart. He moves forward and Ali protects Alifi and takes the heart from her. He tells her to go home and he tells Ghaddar to stop. Ghaddar says he will destroy everything if he doesn’t get the heart.

Ali says he can understand his feelings how he is in true love. Ali says he can sacrifice his life for love. Ghaddar says he can see in Ali’s eyes that he also lost His dear one. Ghaddar says he lost his beloved but he wants to get her heart atleast. Ali returns the heart to Ghaddar saying he is not that cruel. Ghaddar cries holding the heart and apologises to her soul that he couldn’t save her from Iblis. Nazia thinks she can’t even feel Kasim whereas Ghaddar is lucky. Ghaddar shows something to Ali through magic that Marjina is kept inside a magical world where many danger is waiting for Ali. Ghaddar says she is safe and only true lovers can save each other there. Marjina’s flashes has been shown who is standing near the balcony. Ali feels Marjina’s presence there and opens his eyes in shock when she calls Ali.

Ali sees Ghaddar disappeared and he thinks how will he reach the world to save Marjina. He feels only Simsim can give answers to his questions. There Hasan says danger is gone and they are safe now. Simsim fumes thinking about Kotwal hurting Iblis. She says she will cut off his hands for insulting Iblis. She says she has to save Iblis before the Agaaz e Kayamat gets over. She needs Talisman to retrieve his corpse. She then safeguards his body with extra magical protection. Hasan gets prepared with knives as any evil entity can attack them. He then finds Alifi’s letter and reads it. He learns Simmi Jaan is the shadow only. He feels thats why Alifi was scared that day. He goes to inform Ali.

Ali recalls Ghaddar told him that Marjina is waiting for him to rescue her. Ali says he has to take sincere steps to get the information from Simsim. Hasan informs him about Simmi Jaan being the shadow. Ali says Simmi Jaan is the shadow and she is Simsim only. Hasan says it means Ali’s doubt was not false. Ali says it means Alifi got to know his identity. He says Alifi is mature to handle all the issues alone in the house. She didn’t tell Simsim’s truth to anybody till now he knows that. He wants to shower love upon her. Hasan says then why Ali is not revealing the truth to everyone? Ali says his family will land in trouble if he does so. He says he has to keep the sword in a secret place as a common Kotwal can’t roam around with this. Ali says he will go to orphanage to stay there to keep eyes on Simmi Jaan. He will save his kids from her.

Precap- Ali says Simsim will come to him on her own as he sent her a letter. Simsim wonders when did Ali write the letter if he is dead.

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