Dil Diyaan Gallaan 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Nimrit convinces Veer to return Dilpreet’s favour by marrying Ria


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The episode starts with Randeep playing dhol to celebrate their win as they are getting back the land soon. Sanjot says they will not show off but they will pray to God. She tells Amrita to join the celebration as she is also a part of their family. Amrita thinks she lost personally and professionally both. Whom she trusted the most betrayed her. Veer and Amrita look at each other. Near the Panchayat office Dilpreet’s supporters play dhol and dance out of joy as their dream will get fulfilled soon. Kushwant comes out of the office and smirks. Dilpreet tells him to stop dreaming as hospital will be developed on the land. Kushwant says his application got rejected but Dilpreet’s application is not acceptable either. As he will hang on for another 25 years and will do nothing on the land like previously. So why would people trust Dilpreet. Amrita brings some papers where a charity doctor agreed to help Dilpreet develop the hospital on the land. Dilpreet gets impressed seeing Amrita’s act and he asks her how she did it.

Amrita says her parents are doctors and she got a charity’s help for this project. Nimrit asks Amrita but why she favoured them? Amrita says for Sanjot as she is like her granddaughter. Dilpreet blesses Amrita saying he must have done something good in life that they got to know Amrita. Astha gets the news from Amrita that the job is done. Astha hugs Maan happily for the help. Dilpreet celebrates the moment with his family and friends. Kushwant looks upset, Veer follows Amrita but she leaves. Ria follows Veer. Nimrit thinks what is going on between the three. Dilpreet tells Kushwant to have some sweet. Kushwant throws it away saying they ruined his sister’s life and he will not forgive them. He leaves angrily.

Dilpreet says after the Bhumi Pujan they will start the work on their land. Maan gets happy to know he helped someone for a noble cause. He wants to see Punjab via video call and Astha gets shocked hearing that. She diverts his mind. Amrita asks Sanjot that why because of Kushwant’s sister they are still blaming Maan. Sanjot says Kushwant was best friend of Maan so he got disappointed with him. His sister became mad after losing Maan. Dilpreet fixed Maan’s wedding without his wish. Amrita says but still Maan doesn’t need to get blamed for every single thing. She says she is leaving tomorrow and thankfully Astha got a mother in this process. Sanjot gets sad thinking she won’t be able to see Amrita for some time more.

Nimrit and Randeep are on their way to go to bank, Ria calls Veer and asks him to forgive her. She says she did it for a reason and he should understand her feelings. Veer hangs up and Nimrit goes to Ria. She asks Ria if she is sure Veer loves her as well. Ria says he didn’t talk to any other girl except her so he loves her that’s confirmed. Nimrit says the truth can be different but Ria says then she won’t compromise this time. She will get Veer at any cost. Veer enters Ria’s room and he says he doesnt love her but only likes her. He can’t face her directly so he is expressing his feelings without seeing her. Nimrit comes out and Veer gets shocked seeing her. She says she wants to talk to Veer in private. She tells Veer to return the favour of Dilpreet. Dilpreet raised an orphan like Veer and gave him all comfort. He gave importance to Veer more than Randeep. So he should not hurt Ria as the latter can’t deal with this heartbreak. He should forget about his love but should agree to marry Ria. Veer gets stunned.

Precap- Dilpreet says he would love to see Veer and Ria marrying each other. He asks Veer what does he want? Nimrit tells Veer that he will marry Ria. Veer says yes for marrying her.

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