Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Gunjan to consume spiked tea!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily is all set to serve the audiences with a high voltage drama, along with the ongoing plot. Previously, Gunjan and Pinky steals Anandibaa’s jewellery in order to teach a lesson to Emily. They made the latter do unthinkable act. Whereas,

Emily gets a plan and tried to find the jewellery but becomes unsuccessful due to Gunjan’s cleverness.

In the current track, Anandibaa tells Emily about the fast and ask the latter to keep it sincerely for Aarav’s long life. The latter agrees to do it and proclaims to impress Anandibaa. Whereas, the latter gives a warning to Emily and threatens to throw her out of the house, if she fails to complete the fast.

Here, Gunjan gets a plan and decides to fail Emily’s fast. She takes the sleeping pills and ask Pinky to make the tea. She mixes the pills inside Gunjan’s tea and ask Pinky to serve it to them carefully. The latter was about to give the spiked tea to Emily, when Kanchan takes the tray and mixes the cups.

Pinky gets worried while Anandibaa ask Gunjan to drink the tea. The latter gets tensed but still sips the tea, while Emily starts feeling headache after drinking the tea. Pinky thinks that their plans gets successful as Anandibaa taunts the latter, but in reality Gunjan gets the spiked tea.

Ahead, Gunjan starts feeling dizzy while Pinky holds her and takes her away. Anandibaa also notify Emily about a ritual and ask her to close her eyes and hit the pot for good luck. Gulab and Kanchan helps Emily to learn about the procedure.

Aarav worries about the letter while Emily confronts him. He lies to her and expresses his fake love towards her. She geta fooled by him and shows her feelings for him. Whereas, he thinks about the plan to convince her to visit America with him.

Later, Gunjan couldn’t able to do any work properly while Kanchan complains to Anandibaa about it. The latter still takes a stand for Gunjan, while Pinky takes her sister inside. Anandibaa threatens Emily regarding the ritual, while the latter assures to complete it.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anandibaa will order to start the ritual of breaking the pot, while Kanchan ties the clothe upon Emily’s eyes. Gulab will give a stick to Emily and ask her to start the ritual. The latter will mistakenly starts breaking all the stuffs of the house, while everyone runs to save their life.

Aagya will declare that she can’t able to do the ritual, while Aarav will get concerned seeing her from the upstairs.

Will Emily be able to impress Anandibaa?

Will Gunjan gets successful in her evil ploy?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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