Anupama 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Anuj remembers the past.


Anupamaa 23rd September 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Anuj says Malti’s topic is over. Anupama tries to interrupt, but Anuj stops. Malti pleads. Anupama requests that Anuj listen to Malti once. She asks Anuj to give Malti one chance to explain before giving a punishment. Anupama takes a stand for Malti as a mother. She asks Anuj to give Malti one chance, as communication is important in every relationship. Anuj is forced to listen to Malti. He confesses that, for the sake of Anupama, he will listen to Malti. Anuj asks Pakhi to take Anu inside. He asks Malti to give an explanation. Anuj asks Malti to speak up.

Malti folds her hand and explains that she wasn’t under compulsion. Leela says Malti left her son simply. She regrets the ladies like Malti. Vanraj asks Malti to explain the whole truth. Malti says she was forced to marry against her dreams. She was angry at her husband for not supporting her dreams. Malti says that in the past, she had two opportunities: to choose between motherhood and a dream. She ended up choosing to be a mother. Later, she got one more opportunity, so she left Anuj at an orphanage and went to the USA. Malti ended by saying she chose her dream. Anuj asks Malti if she wants to speak more.

Anuj stands by Malti’s dream. He says Malti lived her dream, and he paid for it. Anuj asks Malti where it is written that a woman can’t live her dream after becoming a mother. He regrets women who don’t leave their children in orphanages. Anuj questions Malti about why she didn’t come to see him once. He gives Maya’s example and says she came to see Anu after 6 years. Anupama sides with Anuj. Anuj says in 40 years, Malti didn’t get a chance to see her son.

Malti says she wanted to see her son, but she didn’t have the courage to face him. Anuj refuses to accept Malti as his mother. Malti addresses Anuj as his son. Anuj asks Malti: Don’t call him son. Anuj says Anupama can keep Malti in the house, but he will not share the same roof with her. Anupama, Malti, and others stand stunned.

Malti sits restlessly. Anuj gets angry and wonders why Malti returned. Barkha accuses Malti of giving birth and leaving her child later. Vanraj and Leela side Barkha. Kavya says Anupama will be helpless between Anuj and Malti.

Anu supports Anuj. She asks Anuj to cry and remembers Maya. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Dimple feels uneasy. Hasmuk serves tea to Malti. Leela gets angry. Anuj asks Anupama to send Malti away on Lord Ganesha’s farewell. Anupama gets stunned.