Anupamaa Upcoming Story: KAVYA’S SHOCKING DECISION

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Episode begins with Anupamaa smiles remembering how Vanraj praised her on stage. Vanraj leaves for work after dropping her at home. Samar teases Anupamaa saying why doesn’t she address Vanraj with his name. He says Leela and Jayesh fought with each other again and Jayesh left the home as usual. She says it was her mistake that she lied to Leela and Jayesh scolded by Leela because of her. He says leave everything aside and enjoy the victory for now.

Anupamaa apologize to Leela for lying to her and shows the trophy asking not to get angry on her. Vanraj comes there and says whatever he told on stage everything was lie nothing else.

Anupamaa stammers and says he was happy on stage. He asks then she expects him to create drama on stage in front of every one. He asks did she expected him to tell the truth of how she reached there even though he denied her to reach the school. Samar says she did everything for Pakhi. Pakhi says it wasn’t needed she already asked Kavya’s help. Anupamaa shocks hearing that. Samar says competition was for best mother. Pakhi says she knows that but she wanted to win. Samar asks to win how can she change her mother.

Vanraj says he doesn’t matters for Anupamaa that’s why she didn’t respected his decision. He says she loves to trouble him. Leela says from the time Anupamaa met her divorcee friend she changed lot. Vanraj says from now Leela will take care of all the house works and his children so Anupamaa need not to interfere. Leela thinks she can’t handle everything. Vanraj says their relationship was based on trust which was broken by her today. Jayesh talks with Anupamaa through video call and scolds Vanraj. She asks him to take care of himself and take medicines on time. He asks Samar to take care of her.

Vanraj tries to console Kavya. Kavya says she gets jealous whenever she sees him with Anupamaa. She says she never felt like an outsider whenever she was with him but today she felt that seeing him with his family on stage. He says he will take her to shopping, he wants to buy gift for her. She says she wants to break up with him. Anupamaa recalls Vanraj and Pakhi’s words, she says she did mistake by dreaming. Kavya says starting their relationship itself was a mistake. Vanraj says it was not a mistake, she is his everything and he loves her. He says she can’t live without her. She says till now her divorce too didn’t happened and he is the only happiness she have in her life. Anupamaa apologize to Pakhi. Pakhi says why can’t she be like her friends mothers. Leela asks Jayesh to reach home. Jayesh says she didn’t listen him and now he won’t listen her and he will send her brother. Anupamaa calls Vanraj but he doesn’t picks her call and she waits for him. Samar tries to cheer her and dance with her. She asks him to go to sleep. Vanraj reaches home.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vanraj tells his family that Pakhi’s Principal offered job for Anupamaa in school. He asks her she wants to work or not.

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