Appnapan 10th August 2022 Written Update: Nandita’s lies to get noticed by Nick!


Appnapan 10th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi remembering all the events of the day and how Harsh thinks about her. She sits down devastated. Ranveer calls Mana asking about Barkha. Mana says please make me talk to Pallavi. Ranveer gives the call to Pallavi. Mana calms and reassures Pallavi. Mana then talks to Ranveer that she is still finding Barkha and not to tell this to Pallavi. Here, Nandita is admited and thinks to keep Nick distracted. Ranveer calls Badal and he tells Ranveer about Nandita. Ranveer thinks let’s not increase Badal’s worries. Here, Nani tries to calm Pallavi and says Gagan will come back soon. Pallavi says let’s go to police. Ranveer says no that’s not required, Badal will return. Pallavi worries for her kids.

Here, Sid gives coffee to Barkha and asks her to relax and make herself comfortable. Sid then also offers alcohol. Barkha says I am not Mana, I don’t drink. Sid says okay, have a seat. Barkha sees mud on her dress so Sid asks her to change. Barkha says I don’t have any clothes. Sid gives her a t shirt and bathrobe. Barkha sees him uncomfortably. Sid says please relax, I am a gentleman. Sid goes out and mixes alcohol in Barkha’s coffee.

Here, the doctor acts that Nandita has a side effect and has to stay for the night. Badal comes so Nick says let me drop Badal home. Nandita says please don’t leave me alone here. Nick says okay I will leave him out. Nandita says okay. Nick asks Badal to go home fast as Pallavi will be worried. Badal says Pallavi is not that bad. Just then a nurse comes and identifies Nick as his friend. Nick also gets excited. Nick asks Badal to go and call him when he reaches. Badal leaves. Nick talks to Rajjo. Rajjo says how is Pallavi, she is so lucky to have a husband like you. Nick says my sister is admitted here. Nurse says oh don’t worry everything will be alright. Rajjo asks are you in touch with any of our friends especially Sonali? She was the soul of our parties. Nick gets uncomfortable. Badal is hiding and hears all this. Badal remembers how Sonali name was taken by Pallavi too. Badal thinks god is helping him.

Here, Nani thinks Pallavi won’t be able to take Harsh’s revenge. Harsh sees a box which has his toys and the letters he gave to Pallavi as a kid. Harsh gets emotional. Harsh reads a letter which says how he will always keep Pallavi happy and get her gifts, new house. Pallavi comes from window and makes him remember of that day. Harsh says you deliberately put this box here just to show me this.

Pallavi says no this is my box of memories. Harsh says this is all a lie. Harsh says go and tell these lies to your kids but they are also now not with you. Harsh tears the letters and closes the window. Pallavi cries holding the letters. Harsh cries. Nandita calls Harsh and gets happy to know how all the kids left her. Nandita senses Harsh is upset and emotional so she tells him not to get emotional for that Pallavi. Harsh says yes bua, but just do things as per our plan and Nick is with me till morning and no one can contact him. Nandita senses someone is in room and she sees Nick standing behind the curtains. Nandita gets shocked while Nick is angry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi prays for her kids. Sid tries to record and get intimate with Barkha while she resists. Gagan is chased by police.

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