Appnapan 15th August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi and the kids get a major shock!


Appnapan 15th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ranveer giving tea to everyone. Ranveer asks everyone to relax with tea. Mana says tea and biscuits are the perfect combination. Ranveer asks Pallavi if she is okay? Nani says children are back so she is okay. Ranveer gives biscuits so Pallavi gives them first to children. Nani calls Pallavi helpless. Here, Badal asks Barkha about whose clothes she is wearing? Mana thinks a brother can never hear such things about a sister. Mana says it’s from a drama club. Mana asks Barkha to get her some prasad. She goes.

Badal tells Mana he got some clues about Sonali. Just then a neighborhood kid comes and says you are irritated by neighbours but actual enemy is Harsh who is selling off all your items. Everyone rushes and they feel emotional seeing their things being sold. Harsh sees them and says you all came back? Did god gave you sign to come back? I don’t think there is any use of coming here. Nani says when our own cheat us then what can be greater harm? Harsh taunts her. Pallavi calls him beta when Harsh says you are stil not understanding. Pallavi says I am seeing everything but I want to hear from you. Harsh says wait.

Harsh goes to mic and sats I will give you details, I am selling every item of your house, I am auctioning it and your emotions too. Harsh says all your items and bricks will be sold off. Pallavi says you will sell everything then you will get happy right? If yes then I am also happy. Harsh smirks and smiles. Badal comes and says these items include my lucky bat and trophies won by me so you can sell these but what about the memories and emotions? Barkha says you can only sell the items but not our bond. Mana says you have already taken all our good times and now this. Nani says see you are doing to take revenge but she is not alone and weak. Harsh smirks and goes.

Pallavi goes to him. Pallavi says please forget the past and start everything fresh, please come back. Pallavi shows her arms to him. Harsh goes and asks everyone to buy it and it will be sold in good deal. Bitti calls Gagan and asks him to come but he doesn’t pick. Gagan destroys a wall by painting it infront of police. They scold him and then chase him. He dodges and runs from them. Gagan then sits on Bitti’s scooty and goes. The police stops following. Gagan thanks Bitti for saving him and sats take me anywhere other than home. Badal gives Pallavi water. Pallavi asks Badal to call Gagan but Gagn doesn’t pick up.

Gagan finally picks up and says I am not doing anything. Badal asks him to bring dad from Globus hospital for the family. Gagan says you are talking about family when you didn’t pick up the calls. Mana tries to call Nick but his phone is in cafe. Suddenly a truck comes. Ranveer says Harsh has called him to help in deliveries of auctioned items. Barkha gets emotional. Barkha asks the guys not to throw the items. Harsh takes the mirror and says leave it. Harsh says when it’s not yours anymore then why the hustle?

Harsh throws the mirror and breaks it. Barkha cries and takes it and hugs it. Prices are put on all items while the Gulati’s see. Pallavi also remembers her moments with the items. Harsh taunts how Pallavi lost the kids. Ranveer says they came back and they all know how Pallavi is right, you also know it but you have your ego, just one request give the money to poor instead of these. Harsh goes inside and the delivery guys enjoy the money when Harsh says it’s someone’s saving and I am doing this for someone who has hurt me but have done everything for her kids. Ranveer asks Pallavi to leave. Pallavi says Harsh is getting happiness then it’s okay. Harsh waits for people to come for the bidding.

Pallavi asks the kids and Nani to go and rest as sun is too bright. The delivery guys talk about no one coming for the auction. Harsh feels angry and calls the landlord but he doesn’t pick up. Barkha says you said a lot of things, no one came for the auction, you have lot of money them why no one is coming? Badal says if no one comes then Harsh can only buy it all. Badal says in Meerut everyone has a good heart.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harsh calls someone to bring a person who can buy all this. Pallavi faints when Nick comes and takes her inside.

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