Appnapan 1st August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi’s decision spreads in the neighborhood!


Appnapan 1st August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick sharing his worry with Nandita. Nick asks Nandita to hire the best lawyer and I will teach Pallavi how to take your right. Nick goes. Nandita thinks I have hired a good lawyer and made a plan against Pallavi as well. Next day, the kids are having breakfast when no one feels like eating and think about what Pallavi said last night. Pallavi is walking in the hall and remembers last night’s incident.

 Nani asks Pallavi to come. Pallavi thinks I need to stay alright for my family, they shouldn’t see my worry. She comes to the dinning table. She greets everyone but only Badal and Nani greets her. Barkha taunts Pallavi about her not thinking about them. Pallavi says I know you all are upset, I don’t expect anyone to understand the situation, it’s not easy for me either but we need to take some decisions for the bigger picture. Nani says there are many challenges for her. Pallavi says I am doing all this for you guys.

Gagan says you never discussed with us. Pallavi says today I might be an enemy for you all but one day you will understand. Pallavi goes without having breakfast. Mana gets a message and gets upset. Here, Pallavi finds Ranveer with car to pick Pallavi. The neighbours come and greet Pallavi and say she is so modern and she is living her own life till when will she live alone. Pallavi and Ranveer are shocked. Ranveer whispers Pallavi if she told anyone? Pallavi says no..the neighbours doubt on her intentions and how her kids are not married but she is eager. They say you could have done it in private why did you do these things in public?

Suddenly, Mana screams and Pallavi comes inside. Mana blames Barkha for being stupid. Pallavi comes and hears how the whole Meerut got to know about the party as she went live on social media and everyone heard what Pallavi said. Pallavi worries and thinks won’t it get deleted? Mana says we will delete it. Gagan says half of Meerut has seen it. Barkha says it’s not my fault. Pallavi says it’s okay, whatever had to come out it did. Barkha says now everyone will talk. Pallavi says they always talk let them be.

Here, neighbours taunt Ranveer about affair and date of marriage. Pallavi says I didn’t hide anything, I took decision to marry and told you all. Ranveer says let them give sometime for some more new taunts. Pallavi says be ready for this house’s marriage. Pallavi says it was a pleasure talking to you all, do come to our wedding. Ranveer and Pallavi go and sit in the car. Ranveer praises Pallavi. Pallavi says Rastogi is fighting for Nick the best lawyer, I need to save my kids. Ranveer says everything will be alright.

The lawyer asks Nick to eat Samosa. Nick says no. Lawyer says custody is always like Mahabharat and everything is fair. Nick says I didn’t understand. Lawyer says we can show how Pallavi is a drunk woman and has loose character. Nick says what? Lawyer says just to win the case we need to do things. Nick looks on.

Here, call comes and Gagan ignores it and so does Badal. Nani says chill and let’s listen to music and ignore the calls. Mana says what’s the difficulty of neighbours I feel like beating them. Harsh goes out when Barkha tries to stop him but he still goes. Sid comes with a bouquet. Sid gets beaten by Gagan and Mana. Gagan and Mana say because of you we have to face this. Sid tries to convince Barkha how it was not his fault. Barkha melts when Mana says he is using you. Barkha still defends Sid. Sid gives the bouquet to her.

 Barkha says don’t look at me like this, Pallavi said how it was good everyone got to know, and we should forgive him as what happened was in past. Gagan and Mana still scold Sid and sends him out. Gagan taunt Barkha to have slipped so soon. Mana also scolds Barkha and Barkha says stop it. Gagan takes Barkha inside. Mana tells Badal how Barkha is so different from her. Badal says after Pallavi and Ranveer’s marriage how will we stay together?

The lawyer lists down the illness and negativity of Pallavi to frame her. Nick says I wonder if you have a degree or you are a student? Lawyer says what are you saying? Nick says you are cheating someone, you should fight like a lawyer. Lawyer says don’t teach me. Nick says I will teach you as this case is about my kids to come back but not to defame a woman. Lawyer says we need to do this to win a case. Nandita agrees. Nick says we can’t defame a woman. He flips a plate in anger and ketchup falls all over Rastogi’s dress. Nandita is shocked while Rastogi is angry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rastogi offers to help Pallavi. Nick blames Pallavi for going dirty.