Appnapan 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Barkha gets manipulated by Sonali!


Appnapan 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonali hearing Nick and Pallavi and she feels very angry. Here, Barkha comes upset and Mana tries to ask her when Barkha asks her to go away. Barkha cries and goes. Sonali sees her so she goes to her and tries to console her. Sonali says I am there for you as a friend and I will not judge you. In the cafe, Lolita and Pallavi are in kitchen where Pallavi shares how everything was going fine but with Sonali coming she is feeling distant from everything. Lolita asks Pallavi to calm down and surely Nick will ask Sonali to leave. Pallavi says I hope so.

Here, Barkha shares how Ishan doesn’t want her to call or text her and Ishan loves someone else not her. Sonali hugs her and thinks now I need to wipe her tears as well. Barkha says I don’t know what to do now? I don’t believe that he loves someone else. Sonali says it’s not important if he loves you or not, what’s important is what you like. Barkha says but how? Sonali says fight and do whatever you can to get that person back. Barkha says but is it right? Sonali says everything is fair in love and war. Gagan hears this and thinks right, I will also fight my war now.

Gagan gets ready and takes car to leave. He thinks I need this job. Here, Pallavi says how Sonali is manipulating kids and Nick against me. Lolita says your kids know you why will they be manipulated? Pallavi says I hope you are right. Sonali comes back and finds Nick in her room. Sonali asks Nick what it is about? Nick says I want to talk to you. Sonali tries to flaunt her beauty and says yes I am listening. Nick is about to say something about her leaving the house when he gets a call about Gagan’s accident. He gets shocked. Sonali asks what happened? Nick says Gagan’s accident. Sonali talks on call and asks where did the accident happen? Sonali says Faridabad? Nick thinks that means Gagan was going to Delhi. Nick remembers how Pallavi asked her to keep Gagan safe. Nick and Sonali rush when they see Pallavi coming with Lolita and telling Dadi that she got tikki for Gagan so that she can convince him. Sonali asks Nick not to tell Pallavi. Nick says she is his mother she has right to know. Sonali says but then she will go into shock.

Nick looks at Pallavi’s excitement about convincing Gagan and he thinks it’s better not to tell her. Sonali smirks. They both go out. Pallavi senses something wrong and thinks to call Gagan.

Here, Barkha thinks what can I do? I need to do something Sonali is absolutely right. She hears Nani talk about their kitty party in which Nimmi will come. Barkha decides to make a good impression on her. In the car, Nick is sitting in the driver’s seat and says Pallavi is so selfless she always tries to mend things and she asked me to take care of this if she gets to know of the accident then she will think I am not a good dad. Sonali says yes exactly. Nick tries to find his phone when Sonali says I have it as you dropped it in the room. Sonali offers to drive the car as Nick is disturbed. Nick says no first but then agrees. Sonali drives and Nick sits in the passenger seat. Sonali thinks now I am sure Pallavi will not even think to reconcile with you.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sonali deliberately calls Pallavi and makes her listen that she and Nick are together. Pallavi gets upset knowing all this. Dadi tries to talk to Pallavi about what’s going on in her mind.

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