Badall Pe Paon Hain 10th July 2024 Written Update: Baani makes a promise to Aastha

Badall Pe Paon Hain 10th July 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gaurav praising Baani by saying that the latter is going to make Rajat a rich person. Rajat says that he lives with his principles and that he is happy with what he has in his life. Poonam faces her husband’s question about Aastha’s whereabouts. So Poonam gives him an excuse. She then calls Aastha and urges her to return home as she is facing her father’s question. Aastha explains her situation, but she also assures Poonam to return home soon.

Minty and Rinku’s school bus get punctured in the same place where Aastha is. Aastha goes to the kids to calm them down. There, Shilpa inquires with her kid’s teacher about their well-being. The teacher assures her about their safety. Also, she informs that they are in Sarovar Road and Aastha is with the kids. The family members get shocked learning about Aastha. Shilpa instructs Aastha to bring the kids to the house immediately. Poonam gets worried when she faces her husband’s question. He also demands him to tell the truth.

Later, Baani reaches home. She asks Navjyot to speak with Mannat’s doctor and share her information. She then inquired with the kids about their school trip. They happily inform them it was a wonderful one. Rinku then cautions about the situation inside the house, so Baani fears thinking that Rajat has told the family members about the incident that takes place in the shop. She enters the house where she witnesses the family members’ confrontation about Aastha meeting her husband in the prison. Aastha defends herself, and then she goes inside. Baani gets stunned learning about Aastha’s past. Poonam faces her husband’s wrath for lying to him. Bebe breaks down by blaming herself for the reason behind Aastha’s current state.

At night, Baani asks Rajat about Aastha. Rajat informs her that Aastha is a married woman and that her husband is in prison. Baani decides not to pry more information about Aastha’s life. Rajat recalls Baani’s quest for money, so he gives her the money that he gets as a shagun. Baani gets upset with Rajat for misunderstanding her intention to earn more money. She recalls the doctor’s information and tells herself that she is ok with Rajat misunderstanding her to fulfil the needs in her loved one’s life.

The next day, Aastha meets Baani. She asks Baani if Rajat tells her about her past. Baani tells her that Rajat tells her that she is a married person. She further asks Aastha to share her past with her after she earns her trust. She also makes a promise to Aastha. Aastha gets happy. Baani hears Nandu’s conversation with her son about the stock market hike. She prays to God, and then she leaves. Nandu’s husband shouts at Nandu for their son’s behaviour. Meanwhile, the Khanna’s have a conversation about whatever is happening in Nandu’s house. They decide not to speak this in front of Mr.Khanna, who is already upset with Aastha. In the shop, Baani impresses one of the customers who advises her to do a smart work to earn more money.

Precap: Baani encourages the Khanna’s to apply for the medical policy with the money Rajat gave her. The Khanna’s gets shocked.

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