Balika Vadhu 2 25th November 2021 Written Update: Anand to help Kanku again


Balika Vadhu 2 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi praying that Kanku’s marriage can be stopped. While Maadi Baa prays to Lord krishna that all should go well and boy’s family should like Kanku. Kanku also prays that she can successfully leave from house. Anand supports Kanku and asks if she is ready and she agrees . Jigar gets ready for school and intentionally goes to Devali and asks about driver. He informs her that Jigar, Anandi and even Kanku is going to school. Devali gets surprised to hear that.

Kanku tries to quickly leave from house but Devali comes and stops her. She asks her how she can go to school when groom’s family is coming to see her. Kanku gives excuse that she has to submit project and it’s last day for submission. Devali tells her no need to go to school and snatches her bag. Anand looks on. Devali asks why the bag is so heavy and is about to open to check it but Kanku quickly takes it from her and says it heavy due to books. Maadi Baa comes and asks Kanku why she is in school uniform. She asks both Anandi and Kanku to stay at home.

Kanku cries badly. Anandi thinks she needs to think of something and wants to go and console Kanku. Anand stops her and thinks he needs to go and talk to Kanku first about alternative plan. He fools Anandi by his words and tells her not to talk to Kanku now or she might get more upset. Anandi leaves. Kanku cries and tells Anand that their plan got flop. He tells her not to worry as he has backup plan.

Maadi Baa asks where Premji is. He comes with snacks and says he was bringing fresh ones so he got late. They are very excited to welcome groom’s family. Maadi Baa gets a call and gets disappointed. She tells them that family won’t come today as their priest have suggested tomorrow is auspicious day. They even said they cannot come at home and have requested them to come at Krishna temple next day to fix marriage. Jigar overhears the conversation. Sejal says they have been doing so much preparations. Devali gets worried and wonders if they changed their mind. Maadi Baa consoles her.

Anandi is praying to goddess to stop groom’s family from coming. Jigar tells her prayers are heard and also says whatever he heard. Anandi goes and tells same to Kanku. She advises her to call Madhav at temple next day and also to talk to Maadi Baa once. Kanku goes to appease Maadi Baa to postpone her plans for marriage but she shows her news about love marriage on newspaper and tells Kanku has to marry according to their will. Kanku shouts at Anandi and gets upset at her. The episode ends with Anand and Kanku planning how she will run away at night after everyone is asleep.