Balika Vadhu 2 29th March 2022 Written Update: Anand and Anandi get married


Balika Vadhu 2 29th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi and Anand getting romantic and Anandi reminds him of going to office. Anand gets close to her and then bends down on his knees and proposes her with a ring. Anandi gets stunned. Anand tells before making her wear the ring he wants to tell her about the picture she saw earlier. He explains how he was in a bad condition when he was at US. He says the person in picture is his counsellor. Anand tells her that both of them should also go for counselling.

Anandi tells him not to worry so much and she is ready to go to counselling. Anand tells they will get married today. Anandi asks him to make her wear the ring. Counsellor tells Anandi that she isn’t at fault. She has been a victim but she needs to remove the root cause of her fear. She explains how Jigar being around or not doesn’t matter as its about Anandi’s mind. She tells even Jigar has been a victim. Anandi has Anand but Jigar has to go through the guilt alone.

Counselor tells Anand to stop feeling insecure and trust people around himself more. Anandi and Anand agree with her suggestions. Bhairavi comes to meet Varun. He asks if she called to talk about shares. She tells she called him to ask forgiveness for being rude and says everyone needs a second chance. Bhairavi tells Varun she still needs time so that they can start off as friends and he happily agrees. Varun asks her to go for meditation camp. Bhairavi tells its Anand and Anandi’s wedding today. Varun tells they didn’t inform him and he is gonna scold them.

Anandi and Anand come to office and meet Jigar. He says he feels guilty about last night and his intentions was really pure. Jigar asks if he can get one chance to clarify himself. Anandi goes inside office. Jigar talks to her and tells he will go far away from her life. Anandi tells him to stop feeling guilty. She says its her who has been carrying the memories all along and he isn’t at fault. Both of them got married at an age which was sensitive for them. Jigar thanks Anandi for making him free of any burden. Anandi tells she doesn’t want to lose such a nice friend and tells him to attend her marriage with Anand.

At court, Diya tells Bhairavi she has brought all essential things with Raju. Varun asks where are Anandi and Anand. They come and start the ritual with garland exchange. Anand makes Anandi wear a ring but Anandi says she forgot to get one for him. Jigar comes there and gives ring to Anandi. They get married and spend time together. After the a leap of two years, Anandi and Anand are seen playing with their daughter happily. The episode ends.

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