Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvan makes Shankar to sleep in his room on his wedding night


Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni and Yuvan placing Diya’s in all corners of the house. Devraj tells Hemant that today is a happy day like Diwali. Hemant says you’re happy not me and I’m scared of Yuvan’s future. Devraj asks him to see it from Yuvan’s eyes. He is so happy with Banni so understand. Yuvan goes to his Dad. Banni and Yuvan go to Hemant’s room and bend to take his blessings. He leaves. Devraj blesses them.

Later Banni and Yuvan play a game of finding the ring in the milk vessel. Yuvan gets the ring. Manini warding the evil eye from them with money. Banni looks on. Manini asks Shankar to distribute that money to poor people. Viraj and others ask what happens to them if Banni becomes the owner of half property. Manini says she is Malkin and does not allow others to take her position. Viraj smirks.

Viraj and Charmi decorate Yuvan’s bed for suhaagrat. Kalpana asks why they are decorating with hearts. Charmi says to make Banni feel bad as they play loodo here. They smile. Brinda tells Banni how to take care of Yuvan while taking her to the room. Viraj, Kalpana, and Charmi mock her. Banni enters the room and notices decorations in tension. Myra asks Brinda what happened to her. Sulekha sends Myra. She asks Brinda to share with her. Brinda says she is feeling bad for Banni as Yuvan didn’t know anything about the wife and husband’s relationship. Girls have many dreams for Suhaahrat but this night is going to be a bad night for Banni.

Banni searches for Yuvan. She sees someone sleeping on the floor. Banni wakes him up to sleep in the bed assuming he is Yuvan. She gets shocked seeing it’s Shankar. She shouts for Yuvan and comes out of the room thinking Viraj may do something. Manini asks what happened. Banni says Yuvan is missing and goes to call him. Everyone asks what happened.

Yuvan comes there and asks what happened. Banni shows Yuvan that Shankar is sleeping in the room and it might be an act of these people to trouble us. Yuvan says he send Shankar to sleep in her room as he remember how she slapped him that’s why I slept in the other room and send Shankar to be with you so you don’t get scared. Banni gets shocked. Viraj and others smile. Shankar tells Manini that Yuvan forced him to sleep. Yuvan asks what’s is the problem to sleep with Banni.

Manini tells Yuvan that he did wrong. Viraj says Yuvan showed Banni’s level to her. Charmi says their relationship is really unique and actually, suhaagrat happens with the husband but here it’s with Servant. Banni feels humiliated. Yuvan asks why they decorate a room in this way. He removes petals from the bed. Banni asks him to stop. Manini tells Yuvan that he can’t call servants to the room after the marriage. She sends Shankar. Yuvan asks if it means he can’t take servants’ help. Viraj says you have to do this work, not servants. Manini scolds Viraj and asks him to leave. Viraj says he came to help them. He forcefully makes Yuvan drink the milk. Banni stops him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan will get scared seeing his mom’s photo getting burned. Banni tries to control him but she couldn’t. Manini tells Viraj to see how she will change all the game in her favor.

The episode starts with Manini saying she understands her fear and doubt but I’m doing it for Yuvan’s happiness. Devraj asks when she started caring for Yuvan. Manini says the stepmother also can do good for her son. She says welcome home Banni Yuvan Rathod. She tells everyone that they have to accept this marriage. She performs Aarti to them. She asks Banni to enter the house by kicking Kalash.

Banno sees Devraj. He signs her to do it. Banni is about to enter but Yuvan stops her and checks the Kalash and Kumkum water. Charmi mocks them. Banni rebukes her. She holds Yuvan’s hand. His hand color applies to his hand. Yuvan says his Gruh Pravesh will happen along with Banni. Banni kicks the Kalash and enters inside with Yuvan by leaving her red foot marks. Devraj feels happy.

Veer asks Manini why she is welcome Banni. They are not understanding anything. Manini asks them to follow her. She leaves. Veer says Manini is planning something. Everyone looks on. Sulekha and Manini explain the Thaali ritual to Yuvan and Banni. Yuvan and Banni remove plates without sound. Manini signs Viraj to smile.

Yuvan notices Banni is not able to hold Thalis. He goes to help her but she denies it. During the struggle, plates fall on the ground. Charmi says it proves Banni and Yuvan won’t have understanding. Yuvan creates music through plates. Banni says our relationship is special and music is part of it and I don’t want to have any issues with anyone here and I want to be good with anyone but if anyone tries to disturb my business and trouble Yuvan then along with my love and affection.

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