Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th November 2022 Written Update: Agastya’s shocking revelations


Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Yuvan regaining his consciousness. Everyone looks at him in worry. Yuvan removes Kabir related things and says Banni. Banni runs to Yuvan in happiness. She happily hugs him. Tulika cries seeing them. Banni twirls in happiness and says her love won. She asks if he is fine. Yuvan tells her that he is not understanding what’s happening to him and what’s this mandap.

Banni says this mandap is decorated for our wedding. She tells Devraj that her love won and she is going to marry Yuvan. Banni thanks Agastya that she doesn’t know how to thank him and tells him that she will be grateful to him all her life, she says she is going to marry Yuvan and makes Yuvan wear the scarf and ties their gadhbandan. Devraj looks upset. Banni takes Yuvan to the mandap.

Banni asks Pandit to perform her and Yuvan’s marriage. Agastya shouts no. Everyone looks at him in shock. Agastya says Yuvan cannot marry Banni. Yuvan asks why can’t he marry Banni. Banni asks why he is talking in this way. Agastya says Kabir can come out anytime and he is risky for you and your family. Yuvan asks who’s Kabir. Agastya reveals to Yuvan that Kabir is his spirit personality who tried to harm Banni and his family. Yuvan gets shocked. Agastya says your family doesn’t love you anymore and they get scared of you. He brings Tulika to him and asks her who’s she. Yuvan says she is a doctor. Agastya says she is love of Kabir and shows him the tattoo of Tulika’s name on his hand and their photos on his mobile.

Yuvan gets shocked and asks Banni if whatever Agastya saying is true. Yuvan says it’s not complete truth and those works are done by Kabir. Agastya says Kabir is part of him. Banni says it’s not needed to talk to Agastya about Kabir at this time. Devraj says it’s needed and Yuvan has to know about Kabir before Kabir overpowers him. Devraj reveals Kabir’s acts to Yuvan. Yuvan gets stunned. Banni supports him and tells Yuvan that they can solve the problem together. She asks him to come inside to take a rest.

Agastya says to Yuvan that Banni deserves a better guy, not you. Banni asks Agastya to stop it and tells him that she married Yuvan with her will and she is his life partner. Agastya says Tulika is his life partner too as he married Tulika last night. It’s shown how Agastya confronted Tulika when she is crying badly and they reenter mandap once she reveals something. Agastya asks Tulika to reveal the truth. Tulika says Last night Kabir gave me sleeping pills and he married me when I’m not in my complete senses. Everyone gets shocked. Agastya says you guys may not believe it without proof. He takes Tulika’s phone and plays a video of their marriage. Banni shatters seeing the video. Myra supports her. Tulika shows her marital signs. Banni sees Yuvan helplessly.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan, Banni, Agastya, and Tulika cry in their places for their situation. Banni learns Yuvan’s mother is murdered. Banni tells Tulika that she will reach the culprit. Later she ties family members to chairs.

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