Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Written Update: Tupur grows vengeful


Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh catching Chandrachur in Bondita’s room and he shouts at him.. Chandrachur switches off the light and turns it on continuously. Anirudh is about to attack him but Chandrachur pushes him away and runs away. Anirudh chases him. Bondita is seen near the kitchen and she recalls she came out of room to feed sweets to children when they insisted. Bondita places some pillows on the bed in place of her and covers it with veil so that noone gets to know she left the room. Bihari informs Trilochan and Bondita that Anirudh went behind Chandrachur and he was furious. Trilochan says they have to stop Anirudh as he can do anything to Chandrachur. Bondita says she will also accompany him. Tupur says Bondita is right, only she can stop Anirudh from doing something wrong.

Anirudh tries to catch Chandrachur and the latter aims gun at him. Anirudh tries to snatch it from him and they both hold it tightly. Everyone comes there and suddenly Chandrachur gets shot and he falls into the river. Anirudh is left shocked to see that. Bondita goes to Anirudh and Tupur breaks down saying Anirudh killed her husband. Bondita asks Anirudh what happened that he shot Chandrachur. Villagers say that everyone witnessed their fight when Anirudh was forcing Chandrachur to apologise to Tupur. Anirudh gave him death threat. So he killed Chandrachur for that reason. Tupur graps Anirudh’s collar and says why killed her husband just because their opinions don’t match. Tupur tells Thakuma that she became widow because of Anirudh. Bondita tells Tupur Anirudh can’t do this knowingly. There must be some reason. Tupur shuts her up. Anirudh is standing numb. Bondita insists him to say something. Thakuma gets confused thinking whether she should console Tupur or support Anirudh who is also Bondita’s husband.

Police arrives and they start their interrogation. Thakuma says what she saw on the spot. Trilochan says Anirudh can’t kill someone like this, Chandrachur did something for sure. Chandrachur’s mother says Anirudh killed her son and how can Trilochan support him. Bondita says her heart knows Anirudh didn’t commit crime. Chandrachur was running away and Anirudh was just chasing him. Inspector says they want proof and evidence. Bondita replies If Chandrachur was in trouble why he didn’t call Thakuma and he could have seeked help from anyone in the house. Anirudh confesses that he shot Chandrachur and the latter died because of him. They had a fight before that. Inspector says then they will have to arrest Anirudh now. Chandrachur’s father says he will make sure Anirudh hangs till death. Bondita is not ready to accept that Anirudh is wrong. She says they don’t know the whole incident. Anirudh can’t kill someone. Anirudh leaves the house with Police and Bondita cries seeing him.

Trilochan gets worried for Anirudh. Somnath shows him a list of best barristers. He says these barristers can fight Anirudh’s case. Trilochan says they need the best one. Sampurna says Bondita is barrister also. She can fight case for her husband. Bondita studied in London and she is a gold medalist. Trilochan says Bondita didn’t fight any case before this and collecting proofs and evidence are really tough. It’s not Bondita’s Cup of tea. She can’t argue in court. Sampurna says she believes in Bondita’s potentiality.

Bondita sees her room and recalls her promises to Anirudh during phera. She gets emotional seeing the room decorations. Tupur comes in and ruins all the decorations. Bondita tries to stop her but Tupur says she will feel better by snatching her happiness. Bondita makes her understand that Anirudh can’t be a murderer. He confessed lately. Tupur says but she believes Anirudh told the truth, Bondita has to accept that she will also become widow.

Tupur says all villagers will give statement against Anirudh tomorrow and Bondita can’t save him. Bondita will keep Anirudh in her memories only. Bondita tells her to not say like this. Tupur says she won’t stay calm but will make sure Bondita also goes through the same pain which she went through after losing her husband. She will take revenge from Bondita. Bondita feels helpless and Tupur leaves the room.

Episode ends

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