Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2021 Written Update: Sarla helps Rakhi


Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Luthra boys discuss about girlfriends. Sherlyn comes there and apologizes to them for disturbing them. Karan tells her that they were just talking about Rishabh’s London girlfriend and leaves the room. Rishabh tells Sherlyn that Karan was joking. On the other hand, Sarla calls Preeta. Rakhi informs Preeta that their sweet order got cancelled and now how can they give ‘laddu’ to the guests. She learns that Preeta was talking to Sarla and takes the mobile from her.

She tells Sarla that she really liked the taste of the ‘laddu’ which the latter brought for ‘sargi’. She asks her about the caterer number. Sarla thanks her and tells her that she prepared those ‘laddus’. She asks her to not worry saying that she will complete the order. Preeta tells her that they need lot of ‘laddus’. Sarla tells her that Janki and Srishti will help her so the latter need not to worry. Rakhi thanks her. Sarla starts the preparations.

Sherlyn talks to herself saying that she won’t leave Rishabh if he have an affair with any girl then. Rishabh comes out of the washroom and hears her but acts like he didn’t hear her and leaves the room. She thinks that now she is sure about Rishabh’s extra marital affair. He goes to Sameer’s room to sleep. Karan comes there and joins them. They gets shocks seeing Mahesh there with pillow.

Next day, Luthra’s brings Lord Ganesh idol to their house. They performs ‘puja’. Priest gives ‘prasad’ to everyone. Kareena tells Rakhi that the latter should not have given the order to Sarla because guests came already and they finished ‘puja’ too still Sarla didn’t deliver the ‘laddus’. Preeta comes there and asks them that what happened. Kareena tells her that Sarla didn’t deliver the ‘laddus’ yet. She asks her to confirm that where is Sarla now. Preeta calls Sarla.

On the other hand, Sarla tells Janki that she is going to bring tempo. Preeta talks to Sarla and informs Luthra’s that Sarla will reach in 15minutes. Meanwhile few goons talks about drug delivery and they changes the way seeing Police. Boss calls to one of the goon and asks him about delivery. Goon informs him about Police patrol and tells him that they could not deliver it on time. He asks him that can they return. Boss scolds him and orders him to deliver it at any cost. Police notices goon’s car number and chases them.

Rishabh asks Sameer that did the latter fought with Srishti. Sameer asks him that why the latter asking this. Rishabh tells him that he thought Srishti broke up with the latter because he saw Srishti hugging someone. Sameer tells him that break up didn’t happen. He realizes that what he said. Karan and Rishabh teases him. Sameer tells them that he is not in the relationship with Srishti. Boss tells Robin that someone leaked about their deal to Police. He asks him to find that person. He stops him from touching his favourite guitar.

Prithvi is about to enter Sherlyn’s room but stops seeing Rishabh. After some time, Sonakshi tells Preeta that she failed to become Pihu’s mother but the latter gave mother love to Pihu so the latter is Pihu’s mother. Rakhi and Preeta gets emotional hearing her. Sherlyn overhears their conversation and thinks that Sonakshi deceiving Luthra’s for sure. Janki and Sarla puts the ‘laddu’ boxes in the tempo. Goon notices that and confirms that they also have same design boxes. Goons exchanges their boxes with Sarla’s boxes.

Srishti reaches Luthra house. She tells Preeta that they should send Sonakshi to London. Preeta tells her that they can’t send Sonakshi anywhere until Sonakshi recovers completely. Kareena waits for ‘laddus’. Srishti asks Karan to find her someone like him. He tells her that she have Sameer. She leaves from there. Janki asks the tempo driver to drive fast. Goons follows the tempo. Sarla reaches Luthra house. She tells the Security guards to take ‘laddu’ boxes inside. Goon takes his boxes. Sarla notices him and scolds him for stealing her ‘laddu’ boxes. He escapes from there.

Preeta and Rishabh comes out to help Sarla. Sarla compliments Preeta. Rishabh takes Sarla’s blessings. Karan comes there and hugs Sarla. Then Luthra’s comes there. Security guards and Luthra guys takes the boxes inside. Goons sees that. They informs about it to their Boss. Boss tells Robin that they should go to Luthra house to get their drugs. Luthra ladies gives few boxes to Priest. Mahesh informs Rakhi that they put the remaining boxes in store room. Rakhi praises Sarla. Dadi thanks Rakhi. Kareena asks about the payment to Sarla which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.