Barrister Babu 5th July 2021 Written Update: Anirudh refuses to tell the truth to Bondita

Barrister Babu 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita wondering Anirudh will read her letter or not. Anirudh reads the letter. Bondita writes the incident happened to her in court. She says a woman barrister should also get opportunity to fight a case. Anirudh left court to ignore her but she won’t lose hope. She will face men barristers. Anirudh knows about her potentiality very well.

Chandrachur talks to someone. He says how he took his revenge as Bondita left him in Mandap. He reveals he only instigated Krishna Nagar people against Tulsipur people. They made them enemies of each other. Now by separating Bondita and Anirudh his plan will be successful. He won’t let them unite.

Tapur calls Tupur to apply oil on her hair. Bondita comes and starts applying oil. Bondita recalls her childhood memories with Tapur. How they used to go to Dugga Ma’s temple. Tapur reveals that temple doesn’t belong to them anymore. It belongs to Tulsipur. Anirudh arranges sword fighting competition every year. Only Tulsipur men win the competition. Bondita gets upset thinking due to hatred they even divided the temple. Everyone should get equal opportunity to worship God. Bondita says she will visit the temple for sure.

Bondita comes in sword fighter’s attire. She notices Anirudh is praying to Dugga Ma. Anirudh instructs the priest to perform the puja properly. Bondita says today she wants Dugga Ma’s blessings anyhow.

Anirudh starts sword fighting with other men. Bondita comes and gets scared seeing Anirudh with sword. Anirudh goes behind her and teaches her how to face the opponent without fear. He shows her some tactics of using sword. Bondita gets nervous and thinks she can’t attack her Sakha Babu. Anirudh tells her to attack him without getting afraid. While doing so Bondita falls down and mistakenly touches Anirudh’s feet. She gets happy thinking finally her wish got fulfilled. She touched Anirudh’s feet. Anirudh tells her to get up and teaches her. He feels strange after touching her hand. Bondita starts running out of fear. Anirudh chases her and cuts her back with sword by mistake. Bondita gets hurt and leaves.

Tupur makes Chandrachur wear his shoes. He says he is just acting to be a good husband in front of all. But in real he only hates Tupur and her face. Chandrachur adds Bondita still wants to meet Anirudh even after knowing he is responsible for Tupur’s condition. He says he wants to know each and everything Bondita is doing.

Anirudh stops Bondita from leaving and applies haldi on her wound. He says she should treat her wound. He again feels strange and says she is not here to learn sword fighting, but she is someone else. Bondita calls him Sakha Babu and Anirudh recalls his moments with Bondita. He tells her to leave him as she will receive pain and hatred only in return. Bondita grabs his hand and demands explanations. She says why can’t he give answers to her questions. Why he doesn’t want to call her Barrister Babu and why he doesn’t want to see her face. What has changed in these eight years that he forgot everything. Anirudh says he has nothing to tell her. Bondita keeps asking and Anirudh covers her with white cloth and sends her away. He tells her he won’t make any kind of relationship with her as she belongs to Krishna Nagar. Bondita adamantly says she won’t give up easily, she will keep trying to contact him. She will get her answers. Bondita says she believes Anirudh will become her friend again. Anirudh remains silent.

Precap- Bondita hides Durga idol and sends a letter to Anirudh. Where she writes Dugga Ma can’t stay in a place where love is not present. To get back the idol Anirudh has to meet Bondita. Anirudh gets shocked reading it. Somnath overhears that.

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