Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Update: Vyom reveals Black box secret

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima asking Sia how can one hates his birthday. Sia makes an excuse and tries to leave. Riddhima stops her and asks when Vansh’s birthday is. Sia says that the next day is Vansh’s birthday and requests to not wish Vansh on his birthday nor to tell anyone that she told her about this. Riddhima wonders whether there’s any connection between Vansh hating his birthday and that closed room secret.

Riddhima goes to the closed room taking a cake. Vansh calls out Riddhima and questions if she’s following him. Riddhima denies and says that she brought this cake for him. She baked this cake for his birthday. Vansh throws the cake and says that he hates his birthday. He tells her to leave him alone. Riddhima asks why he doesn’t like his birthday. She says that everyone likes his/her birthday. She’s an orphan and yet she celebrates her birthday on a random day and every year she excitedly wait for that day because it gives her happiness. Vansh says that everyone isn’t lucky like her. Riddhima says that she wants to celebrate his birthday and asks the reason why he hates his birthday. She them asks about the closed. She asks if he has captivated anyone inside that room. She requests him not to get angry on her. She wants to share his pain. Vansh takes Riddhima inside the room.

Riddhima asks whose room is this. Vansh tells that he’s dad’s room. He kept his dad’s memory safely here. Riddhima notices few things and asks whose things are they. Vansh takes the coat wallet watch and says they are his. Riddhima asks what happened to his dad. Vansh walks away. Riddhima goes behind Vansh and asks what happened. Vansh says that his dad was killed on his birthday and he got his corpse as his birthday gift. His dad went to do a deal which he was supposed to do. Till today he couldn’t find his murderer. whenever he misses him, he comes here and hears to his recorded voice. He’s repentful that his guilt will kill him. Riddhima says she’s sorry. Vansh walks away. Riddhima goes behind him.

Dadi takes out the black box and thinks that she has become very selfish that she was hurting Vansh to hide her secret, but not anymore. Vyom stops Dadi and asks where she’s going. He tells Dadi to give him the black box. Dadi refuses to give and says that today it will reach the right person. She didn’t scare of anyone. This black box’s secret should come out of Vansh and she is ready to accept Vansh’s decision after knowing the truth. Vansh should know what happened to his dad. Vyom says that Vansh shouldn’t know about this secret. Vansh and Riddhima come there. Vansh asks what he shouldn’t know.

Vyom tries to snatch the black box from Dadi. Vansh pushes him down. Vansh asks Dadi what the truth is. Vyom says that he will tell. Vyom says that he killed Ajay Rai singhania, Vansh’s dad on Dadi’s request in return he got VR empires all the secrets. Vansh and Riddhima get shocked hearing this. Vyom says that the black box contains the recorded voice and video of Dadi. Vyom tells Dadi to tell the truth to Vansh. The latter asks Dadi how she can kill her son. It can’t be true. Dadi says that it’s not true. Dadi says the day when his dad died she was furious. She was against the deal that his dad was going to make as it was dangerous. Ajay didn’t listen to her, so in anger, she told Vyom to kill him since in our world everything comes after their business. She didn’t know Vyom recorded her video.

When she calmed down, she stopped Vyom, but Vyom killed Ajay to avenge his wife and his daughter’s death. Then he blackmailed her using this recording. Dadi tells Vansh that she didn’t kill Ajay. Vyom is Ajay’s murderer. Vyom admits his crime and says that Vansh killed his family, so he snatched Vansh’s dad from him. Vyom says that he’s revenge will he fulfilled when Vansh will get killed on his birthday. Vyon shoots at Vansh, but Dadi comes between and takes that bullet. Vansh and Riddhima shouts Dadi and joked her. Vansh shoots Vyom. Dadi apologizes to Vansh before breathing her last breath. Vansh and Riddhima cries remembering Dadi’s talks and their moments with her.

Angre reads Vansh’s letter in which Vansh says that no one could be more faithful than Angre and he hands VR empire and Ishani and Sia’s responsibility to Angre. Vansh tells Angre to not try to find him. This is his last order. Angre cries. Aryan claps hands and angrily walks away. Chanchal goes after him.

Vansh is shown driving the jeep. Riddhima stops him and gets into the jeep. She gives him white rose made with paper and says that it will never fade away. She reminds him about their first meeting and their first talk over the white flowers. They recall that moment. Riddhima says that they can’t forget their first meeting. She thanks him for filling her life with flowers. They recall their moments together. Vansh says that there were also torns. Riddhima says that the life is made of flowers and torns. Vansh says that the life is like a mirror and we see what we want to see. He wanted to see happiness and he got it.

Riddhima says that she wanted to see love and she also got it. Vansh says that he’s happy that he saw all the different shades of life with her. He found peace in her arms, he found love in love her eye. Riddhima says that when he’s with her, her day is filled with flowers and her nights are brightened with stars. Vansh says that if we have love and trust in life, our future will better than the present. They will have their small world with their kids. Riddhima and Vansh tell each other love you. They drive off. Ishq mein marjawan plays in the BG.

The end.

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