Molkki 5th July 2021 Written Update : Sakshi stops Virendra from telling the secret to Purvi

Molkki 5th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sakshi thanks Virendra for stopping Purvi’s marriage on her request and tells him that no one should know about this. He tells her that he also didn’t wanted this marriage to happen but he never thought he will stop this marriage for that reason. She tells him that no one should know this secret and asks him to promise her that he won’t reveal this secret to anyone. He tells her that he can’t promise and it’s not right to hide this huge truth. She tells him that she can understand him.

On the other hand, Purvi wonders that what’s happening in her life and thinks that Virendra betray her by breaking his promise and gets worried for Sakshi and Vipul and she is in dilemma that how to face them. She gets an idea and thinks that now she has to do that to make Virendra realise his mistake.

Sakshi tells Virendra that she apologized to Vipul and tried to stop him too but he returned to his village. He gets worried for Purvi and tells her that they should reveal the secret to Purvi. She stops him saying that they can’t reveal this secret to anyone. He tells her that Purvi deserves to know that why he broke his promise.

Prakashi and Anjali waits for Sakshi. Virendra leaves the room. Sakshi notices Sakshi’s expression and tells Prakashi that seems like Sakshi lost against Virendra that’s why she looks sad. Prakashi tells her that they should know the whole truth. Virendra searches Purvi in the mansion. He learns that she left the mansion with luggage and goes to bus stand to stop her.

He regrets for not telling the truth to Purvi and notices that Purvi sitting in the bus stand. Purvi also sees him and moves towards him. He asks her that how can she leave him. She tells him that she wanted to leave him but she could not part ways with him and it looks like she is incomplete without him and she really become mad in his love that she is not able to forget him and asks him that why he loves her this much and pleads him to free her from this relationship because she is not able to do that.

He hugs her saying that she can’t leave him and he won’t let her leave too and tells her that he will tell the truth to her and asks her to return to mansion. She tells him that Sakshi won’t like her return. He tells her to not worry about Sakshi because no one can separate them now.

Sakshi goes to her Kids room and sings lullaby and recalls the moments she shared with them. Purvi apologize to Sakshi. Virendra tells Purvi that someone else need to apologize and asks Sakshi to apologize to Purvi. He reveals that Sakshi stoop so low to send Purvi out of the house and he also got to know the truth 1 hour before marriage. He asks Sakshi to reveal the truth to Purvi. Sakshi tells Purvi that she hates her.

Episode ends.

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