Barrister Babu Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Anirudh warns Bondita

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Show Barrister Babu is high on drama. In the upcoming episode will see how Anirudh completes his challenge of making Bondita learn that wetting the bed is a bad habit. So far in the episodes it is seen, Bondita gets upset with Anirudh for not allowing her to go back home.

She makes a painting of Anirudh. Mini comes to Bondita. Bondita hides the painting. Mini asks her if she has painted Anirudh. Bondita than tells her that Anirudh is short tempered and she fears him. She says she was happily leaving but he stopped and because of him Batuk is laughing at her. Mini than instigate Bondita against Anirudh and tells her that Anirudh doesn’t like her. She adds, if she wants to go back to her mother house than she has to make Anirudh lose to Binoy. Mini asks her to deliberately wet the bed at night to make Anirudh lose.

Bondita says this is wrong but Mini somehow manages to manipulate Bondita. Mini gets happy thinking now Bondita will be out from the house and she will again make her place in Anirudh’s heart. Later, Bondita refuses to follow Mini and Mini gets angry at her. She thinks to do something big to throw Bondita out from the house.

Meanwhile, Anirudh asks Bondita to have only limited sip of water. Bondita finds it difficult,
Now in the upcoming episode will see Anirudh will also warn Bondita not to have sweets. But Bodnita will eat them.

Do Anirudh will lose to Binoy or Bondita will understand Anirudh’s word and will bring change in her habit? Well, time will only tell.

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