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Today’s episode starts with Bondita craving for sweets. She recalls the flashback of Trilochan and Binoy and gets confused whether to have sweets or not. She was about to have sweets but Trilochan interrupts. Ahead, Trilochan learns from Munshi about the marriage invitation. He worries if they will take Bondita with them then all will come to know about Bondita’s habit of wetting bed. He decides to call back Bondita before night. Bondita overhears the talk and gets excited to go to the wedding.
Here, Anirudh gets angry and shares a talk with Saurabh on making a toilet in the village.

Otherside, Batuk cries and shares with Trilochan that he is upset that his friend is getting married. Trilochan asks Batuk not to cry as he is boy. Bondita interrupts and questions on Trilochan’s quote. Trilochan asks her not to question more. There, Bondita somehow manages to convince Munshi to send Sampoorna and Saurabh to the wedding along with her and Anirudh.

Ahead, Bondita decides to pack her things to go the wedding. Saudamini comes and Bondita asks her to help her in packing bags. Later, Bondita reveals to Saudamini that she doesn’t remember anything about her marriage. Saudamini doubts Bondita further gets angry recalling Anirudh’s marriage day.

Later, Saudamini decides to expose Bondita’s habit of wetting bed at night in front of all at Batuk’s friend wedding so that Roy’s get insulted. Afterwards, Anirudh gets angry learning from Bondita that Batuk’s friend marriage at this early age can’t happen. He gets angry.

Bondita asks Mini to make Anirudh understand that marriage is good. Mini says to Anirudh he is overthinking that child marriage is the old custom. Anirudh recalls his marriage with Bondita and leaves the place. (Epiosde Ends)

Precap: Anirudh goes to Trilochan and asks how he can go to attend the wedding of an underage child. Binoy interrupts and asks Anirudh not to speak a word as he himself married a 10 year old girl. Anirudh and Bondita stands shocked.