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Episode starts with receptionist welcoming Malhar to swarg hotel and informs that his wife kalyani already arrived and staying in upstairs room. Malhar telling to viewers that, Though 2020 is not an easy year because of Corona but our life will be back to track with time and today is the first step That’s why Rane and deshmukh Parivar came to Nasik to perform Sharad and Priya marriage.

Malhar gets Pawar call and he informs him that marriage is postponed for 2weeks and he asks Pawar to inspect whether people are wearing masks and maintaining social distancing at their area. Malhar asks Receptionist to take care of Anupriya because her health is not good.
Anupriya thinks why Sarthak is giving her medicines to forget her memory but than she thinks it’s not correct time to think about it and notices Kalyani saree in her belongings and thinks about her.

Kalyani blames Ganapati bappa for their quarantine lock down in Nasik and than she gets Anupriya call. Anupriya says our relationship is deep that’s why I like to talk with you but I don’t remember anything. Kalyani asks Anupriya to forget it and says she wish to share room with her but she don’t want to Make Sharad and Priya know about her divorce with Malhar. Anupriya says I will call bride family to know whether they got some food or not. Kalyani says why you need to work at here, what’s Pallavi chachi is doing.

Pallavi enjoys in her room ordering different dishes for her. Kalyani calls Aao saheb and she informs Kalyani that Anupriya gets her memory back if the surroundings around her is normal and she asks Kalyani to behave normal with Malhar. Kalyani thinks Malhar not even call her to know how she reached with heavy suitcase and than she says Fine and cuts Aao saheb call to attend Priya call. Priya says she created live Haldi but it’s spoiled. Kalyani says it’s fine and assures her that everything will be fine.

Priya informs Kalyani that she is staying in room with her Sharad and introduces him to Kalyani and he gets shocked seeing Kalyani and searches for something in his mobile.
Kalyani calls Receptionist and asks about Malhar. Receptionist informs her that Malhar reached to other room with some girl. Kalyani gets shocked and asks Sarthak about that lady. Sarthak informs her that boys are planning for bachelor party with dancer Mallika.

Sharad says to Priya that Kalyani is looking like her boss wife. Priya won’t believe it but Sharad shows her pics on Facebook. Priya asks did you invite your boss to marriage. Sharad says yes and it will be problem if he saw Kalyani.
Kalyani dreams that Malhar is romancing with Mallika and goes out to check him. Malhar knocks the door to open. Kalyani beats him thinking thief than stops seeing me and asks him that why he is not attending his calls. Malhar says that his Mobile is with her. Kalyani realises and asks him about Mallika. Malhar says he is just helping Mallika to caught the thief who stole her money.

Kalyani informs Malhar that Priya and Sharad wants them to hide their divorce matter from their families. Malhar asks her to not shout otherwise everyone will know. Sharad calls his boss Trilok and asks him to stay with them even though marriage is postponed for long time. Trilok says it’s good and I will reach my target in this time. Sharad gets confused. Malhar takes his mobile and leaves to his room.

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