Barrister Babu Upcoming Story: Anirudh’s shocking step against society


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Colors shows Barrister Babu will see high voltage drama in the upcoming days.

In the so far episode we have seen, Bihari confesses in front of Anirudh that Trilochan called tantrik home to cure Bondita’s bad habit. He cries and Anirudh gets angry on Trilochan. He argues with Trilochan and Binoy for Bondita. He also said that they scared Bondita so much that she feared to tell him too about the same. In the flashback, Anirudh discloses how he managed to learn from Bondita about the auspicious thread and tantrick. Binoy defends Trilochan. Ahead, Anirudh says that he will take Bondita to the doctor as this is the only way to cure her disease.

Trilochan thinks if Anirudh succeeds in taking Bondita to the doctor than everyone will come to know about her bad habit and also Priest will cancel Maha Puja at his place. While, Binoy think if Anirudh succeeds in taking Bondita to the doctor than he will win the challenge.

Ahead, Binoy to stop Anirudh from taking Bondita to the doctor keeps a condition forth him. He asks him to clean bedsheets that are wetted by Bondita and after than only he can take his wife to the doctor. Anirudh gears up for the challenge and feels nausea. Binoy and Trilochan get happy. Anirudh than shocks them by cleaning Bondita’s dirt.

Now in the upcoming episode we will see, Anirudh will succeed in taking Bondita to the doctor. Makers of the show have released the promo of the same. The voiceover says what will happen after Anirudh’s this step against the society? Check out the promo below.

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