Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 18th September 2023 Written Update: Aradhana inquires Malini about her visit to orphanage

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 18th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aradhana and Reyansh argues over a cake. Reyansh makes a joke at Aradhana after the latter’s face filled with cake. Aradhana applies cake on Reyansh’s face. Reyansh applies cake on Aradhana’s face. They both have a fight with the cake. Beena arrives there and scolds them both for their act. Aradhana tells Beena that she will take the cake to Khanna’s mansion because she has taken a day off. Reyansh refuses to give her a day off saying she needs to work on an important story. They both then leaves in a different direction. Beena comments they both are cute while fighting with each other.

Later, Reyansh receives a call from Vikram who inquires whether he wished Aradhana yet? Reyansh says he is yet to wish and he is making special arrangements for her. Vikram says that he hope’s Reyansh doesn’t upset Aradhana. Reyansh also hope’s the same but tells it’s not easy to convince her. Vikram asks Reyansh to return office soon because Viren is upset with his idea. Reyansh agrees to go to the office.

Pooja calls Aradhana and wishes her on her birthday. She also asks whether anyone else wished her. Aradhana recalls someone wishing her on her birthday and says yes with a smile. Pooja pleads with Aradhana to forgive her adoptive parent’s but Aradhana tells that it’s them who thrown her away from their life. Pooja gets sad along with Aradhana.

There, Sunaina and Vikram decorates the office room of Aradhana with balloons as per Reyansh’s instructions. Reyansh arrives there. Sunaina advises Reyansh to focus on his mission to convince Aradhana to forgive him. She also asks the reason behind him upsetting Viren by going against his wishes. Vikram reminds Sunaina about Reyansh’s stubbornness. Reyansh says to Sunaina as a true journalist it’s his responsibility to expose the criminals so that’s what he is doing.

Pooja meets Bhakti and Jakruti with a cake to celebrate Aradhana’s birthday. They both cut the cake and wishes Aradhana. Pooja shows Aradhana everything through a video call without their knowledge. Aradhana gets happy and emotional. Meanwhile, in Khanna’s house, Malini persuades both Kiki and Koko to go with her to orphanage but they both refuses. Aradhana arrives there with a cake for Kimaya and says to the Khanna’s it’s send by Vikram (Reyansh). Kiki gets impressed while Malini praises him.

Aradhana learns about Malini’s visit to the orphanage on this particular day every reason. Malini recalls giving Aradhana to Bhakti when Aradhana was a toddler and blurts out that she lost her first baby. Kiki and Koko gets confused while Aradhana gets shocked. Viren arrives and questions Malini so the latter lies saying she is talking about her pet pigeon. Aradhana agrees to go to the orphanage with Malini.

Malini tells Aradhana now she has a complete family so she can’t able to add one more person. Aradhana gets sad. Viren takes Aradhana with him saying Vikram (Reyansh) done a huge mistake. Later, Viren confronts Reyansh about going against his order and publishing news about Anil Taneja who is an investor of his business. Reyansh defends his actions. He then quit his position then leaves shocking everyone. Viren hires Aradhana as editor in chief. Aradhana wonders why she is upset with Reyansh’s decision. She then learns through the information it’s not Reyansh but Viren is wrong. Reyansh leaves the place thinking he came here for Aradhana but now he is leaving which he hope’s will make Aradhana happy.

Precap: Aradhana says to Viren that the latter is wrong in Reyansh’s case. Meanwhile, Beena advises Reyansh to fight for his love. Kimaya pleads with Aradhana to stop Reyansh from leaving the city. Reyansh leaves in a taxi.

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