Dhruv Tara 18th September 2023 Written Update: Tara decides to train Dhruv for Malyudh

Dhruv Tara 18th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Tilotama asking Tara why she wants all the tailors’ list of Vallabhgarh. Tara says she wants to see all the designs for her clothes as there are lots of occasions which will happen for her swayamvar. Tilotama says why she is so excited for her swayamvar when she only loves Dhruv. Tara says she is just excited to see Samrat losing the fight thus she is preparing for that. Tilotama says what does she think about Nayak. Tara smiles and Tilotama asks why she is looking happy. Tara hides her emotions for Dhruv as she can’t show that till the real murderer is exposed. She lies she is not smiling for the wild person at all. It’s Tilotama’s misunderstanding. Samrat wonders who can lock him like that. He shouts for help. Some soldiers unlock the door and free him.

Samrat comes out and he gets shocked seeing Nayak relaxing in his room. He asks Nayak why did he forget their deal and attended the Dahi Handi. Nayak says that Samrat promised to give him share of the property but didn’t do so. Now he is determined to make Samrat lose in the Malyudh. He won’t back out. Samrat asks who is provoking Nayak against him. Nayak says because of Tara he changed his mind. Samrat shouts being angry. Saraswati makes the swing move for Kanha ji. She says she was happy when Nayak broke the matki but still he is not a good choice for Tara. Neither Samrat nor Nayak is right for her. She also feels neck pain and Dhruv comes there being Nayak. He asks Saraswati to press some portions of the hand which will reduce her pain. She asks him how does he have the knowledge of that. He gives excuse and he adds he knows Saraswati doesn’t want him to win the Malyudh. So if she wants then he can accept his own defeat for her. Saraswati says he or Samrat both are not good for Tara. Dhruv says he will make sure none of them wins the Malyudh. Only Tara will win at last. Saraswati gets confused.

Tara serves sweets to Ranchod saying the latter shares his birthday with Lord Krishna so she is giving him sweets. She says he came like a ray of hope for her when she was doubtful. He asks her to forgive Kanha ji as the problem is solved. She says she forgave Kanha ji but not fully. To get her forgiveness he has to unite Dhruv and Tara. But for now she is worried about the Malyudh. Dhruv might lose. Ranchod gives her an idea how to win the fight with strong desire. Tara decides to teach Dhruv the fighting skill to defeat Samrat. There Samrat and Tilotama discuss how can Tara give such offer to Nayak to win the swayamvar. They decide to throw Ranchod out of the palace before the fight as he can give advises to Tara. Tara assures Dhruv he will win the battle and she is there to support him. She thinks of taking Ranchod’s advise.

Precap- Dhruv gets scared seeing Samrat’s practice and later he can’t see anything with his eyes and tells Tara why it’s happening with him.

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