Katha Ankahee 18th September 2023 Written Update: Neerja bid adieu to Katha, Viaan and Aarav


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The episode starts with Viaan asks a GK question to Katha and the latter gives a right answer. Katha wishes the night never ends. Viaan wishes this happiness of his life never ends. Katha makes a joke at him. There, Teji destroys Vanya’s gift. Maya says to Teji that they have a lead which is valuable one and they have to use it wisely. They both discusses how to learn the truth. Maya feels one of them must have booked a hotel room. Meanwhile, Ehsan wonders if Viaan booked a hotel then there is a possibility Katha-Viaan’s secret may get exposed. He realises it’s Jeetu bhai who is handling these details because Jenny is in leave. Here, Teji informs Maya they have to get these information from Jeetu bhai. Maya hope’s the information they may get through Jeetu bhai will help them separate Katha-Viaan. Teji looks hopeful.

The next day, Viaan notices Katha is lost in her thought. Viaan inquires her about it. He then lifts up Katha’s mood by answering all her questions. Katha cracks a joke then calls Viaan as her life’s Prince Charming. She then teases him by reminding about their car is in middle of the forest. A valet arrives to Katha and Viaan’s room and gives them Katha’s things also the car keys. Viaan informs Katha that he took police help. Katha gets impressed.

Katha says to Viaan that Aarav must be worried about them. Aarav video calls Viaan and shows him his bags and excitedly tells that he will go to Kailash’s house then Viaan’s after Katha-Viaan’s wedding. Katha inquires about Neerja and learns through Aarav that Neerja is going to Delhi which shocks both Katha and Viaan.

Maya asks someone on the call to keep Neerja busy in Delhi until she asks her to leave. She then arrives at Earthcon where she meets Jeetu bhai. She lies to him that she wants to give a surprise gift for Viaan for his wedding but she forget about his favorite hotel name so asks Jeetu bhai to check the details in the office documents. Jeetu bhai agrees. Ehsan arrives at the office and gets shocked seeing Maya with Jeetu bhai. He goes inside and cut the internet connection to an entire office. Maya gets shocked but persuades Jeetu bhai to use his office phone. Jeetu bhai agrees.

There, Neerja informs Katha and Viaan that she has to complete some legal formalities in Delhi for her shelter home so she has to leave. Katha gets upset that Neerja won’t be part of their marriage but Neerja lifts up her mood then orders Viaan to take good care of Katha and Aarav. Aarav gifts Neerja painting of her shelter home. All four of them take selfie then Neerja bid adieu.

In the office, Jeetu bhai gets worried receiving a call so rushes out but Ehsan stops and clarifies it’s him who made the call and convinces him to go on a vacation. Meanwhile, Maya tries to learn about Katha-Viaan’s hotel room name but Vanya spills a tea on her and make her leave. Ehsan thanks Vanya for her help.

Maya finds the remaining money which Katha gave to Viaan the day they spent the night together from Viaan’s office and gets determined to find proofs to expose their secret. Meanwhile, Katha and Aarav gets emotional to leave their flat which holds so many memories. Viaan, Katha and Aarav shares a hug. One of the employee says someone deliberately cut off the internet connection hearing that Maya wonders if it is Vanya who is stopping her from learning the truth.

Precap: Viaan is with his family while Ehsan arrives and takes Viaan inside. Viaan questions Ehsan. Katha gets upset that Teji asking the worker to put Aarav’s things on the store room.