Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Update: Pratham returns as Ranav.


Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yamini and her sons trying to wake up Ranav from his sleep.Yamini slapped and warned his son. Bela and his father look for Avantika in the woods. They find her cell phone and watch a video shot last night where Avantika and Ranav could be seen running and in the woods. Avantika’s father gets worried thinking about his daughter.

Ranav wakes up and feels different. Adi and his brothers run towards Ranav and say sorry to him. Ranav calls Yamini by her name which shocks everyone. Yamini’s husband reminds Ranav that Yamini was her aunt, Adi his brother. He behaves weirdly. Yamini and his sons fail to understand what was wrong with Ranav.Yamini tells Ranav that Pratham died 40 years back. After hearing this he goes to the door upstairs that was locked. He tells a servant that he was Pratham himself. Some time later, he ran out of his house and reached the place where he was killed last night and realised that he was Pratham who got the body of Ranav after he died last night. He recalled his past memory.
He asks Yamini about Ashwath who tells her that Ashwath died many years back. He asked Yamini how Aswath died but didn’t get any answer. He realised that Ranav who was his brother Ashwath’s son died last night and Pratham took rebirth in Ranav’s body.

Bela reaches Mallika’s house and asks for help for Avantika’s from his father. She showed him the video shot in Avantika’s phone that showed Ranav running at the place where she was seen last night. He informed the police about this case and the police assured her that they would find Avantika and punish those who hurt her.
Bela’s fiance and her parents reached Mallika’s place to inform Mallika’s father. Mallika’s father conferred the responsibility of arranging the ring ceremony party of Bela and Vijay.Pratham finds Ranav’s diary and gets very upset. He also found a video in Ranav’s phone where he confessed his feelings about Mallika and also that his cousins tortured him brutally since his childhood. Pratham got to know that Ranav never got to know that he was a Rakshas and was equally powerful as his brothers. Another video revealed that Yamini’s sons tortured Ranav and killed him. He became furious at this fact. He vows to take revenge for Ranav’s death and find out what happened to his brother Ashwath.

The police reach Yamini’s house with Bela enquiring about Avantika. Pratham saw Bela and the both of them kept staring at each other. Then Bela asked the police to question Ranav about Avantika but Pratham diagressed the situation in his favour. The police said that they would need to gather some more evidence and then come back. Yamini gets shocked to see Pratham’s confidence. They don’t know that it was Pratham in Ranav’s body. Bela meets Vijay where.Vijay tells Bela that he works for Raichand’s industry.Yamini arrives and asks Vijay to meet him.

After break, Bela is seen all dressed up and ready for the ring ceremony. Vijay asks Bela to stay away from Avantika’s case on Yamini’s order. Vijay is not what he really looks like. He is getting married to Bela for his own business profits. Pratham reaches Bela’s party and meets Mallika. Pratham tells him that he was the owner of all Raichand’s property. He makes fun of Adi and Mallika. Pratham saw Bela and asked Mallika about her.

Recap: Yamini looks stressed and tries to find out if Pratham was really back or not. She looks worried over the fact that if Pratham really returns then he would try to find out how Ashwath died.

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