Udaariyaan 27th March 2023 Written Update: Advait badmouths Nehmat

Udaariyaan 27th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nehmat hears someone is singing when she fixing her makeup and asks who it is. Someone wishes her for her marriage. Nehmat gets shocked seeing it’s Advait. Advait hurts Nehmat and threatens her. Nehmat pushes him away and calls out Ekam for help. Ekam and others rushes to Nehmat and asks what happened. Jasmine smirks. The family members asks her to tell what’s happening. Nehmat tells Advait is here which shocks everyone. They all try to convince her Advait isn’t here. Jasmine tells Advait is in prison so it’s not possible for her to see Advait. Ekam decides to check up on the prison to find whether Nehmat saw Advait or it’s her illusion. Satti prays to God. Jasmine thinks herself that it’s just a trial and they have to wait for the full picture.

Naaz informs Renuka and Swaroop that Nehmat is saying that she saw Advait and tells Swaroop how come it’s possible because Advait is in prison. Jasmine hears this and thinks herself that she have only answers for all their questions. Advait reaches the police station. He demands his subordinate about Advait’s whereabouts. His subordinate takes him to cell where Advait is. He sees Advait isn’t there so he thinks that Nehmat is telling the truth so he decides not to spare Advait.

Advait makes his presence to Ekam and mocks at Ekam when the latter questions him that he met Nehmat? Advait tells Ekam that he wish to attend his ex wife’s wedding but they didn’t invited him. He further asks Ekam why he is always after behind his exes, first it was Harleen now Nehmat. Here, Satti and Harleen tries to calm down Nehmat. Meanwhile Advait badmouths Nehmat which angers Ekam so he strangles the former. Ekam’s friend separates Ekam from Advait. He then tells Ekam that they should check whether whatever happened is true or not. Advait challenges Ekam to prove his suspicion or else he will become his and Nehmat’s worst nightmare.

Nehmat expresses her worry for Ekam also feels guilty because of her behaviour Ekam went to the police station. Ekam arrives there and hugs Nehmat. He then promises to protect her at any cost. They both expresses their love for one another infront of everyone. They also makes promise to not to hide anything from eachother. Nehmat forwards her hand and Ekam makes her wear the ring. Harleen goes to Jasmine and tells her Ekam loves Nehmat only and they are meant to be together and asks her to accept both Ekam and Nehmat then leaves. Jasmine thinks herself that no matter what she will make sure Harleen gets her love back and recalls the ring which she gave it to Nehmat to make her wear in which Harleen’s name is engraved.

Nehmat makes Ekam wear the ring. Harleen and the family members of both Ekam and Nehmat looks happy. They all congratulates the couple. Renuka announce about the sangeet ceremony which will take place in Randhawa’s house and invites all. Jasmine calls the doctor and confirms the medicine will definitely affect a person’s heart right? Then she asks the doctor to meet her in her house. Later, Rupy expresses his fear to the family members that Advait may ruin Nehmat’s wedding but Nehmat arrives there and asks Rupy to not to worry because nothing wrong will happen.

Rupy agrees with her. The doctor meets Jasmine and gives her the capsule saying the one who eats will simply fall unconscious and he will declare the person has mild heart attack but she don’t have to worry about anything then leaves. Jasmine tells her master plan will remove Nehmat from Ekam’s life and makes Harleen get place in Ekam’s life. She then smirks and says that she will decide what happen during Nehmat’s mehendi ceremony.

Precap: Ekam is in his car going somewhere. He feels dizzy and wonders what’s happening to him. He then closes his eyes just then his vehicle move towards another vehicle infront of him.

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