Beyhadh 2 25th February : Antara and MJ want Diya to abort her baby

Beyhadh 2 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Maya telling MJ that today that Rudra is her courage, she won’t get scared by him. She sits down and says that she had been awaiting him. MJ says he understands what she is attempting to do. Maya replies that she would not enjoy playing with dumb people.MJ calls her Manvi but Maya says that she’s not Manvi but Maya and there’s absolutely no limitation for Maya’s love and love. MJ says he understands that her love for Rudra is a drama. Maya says her love for Rudra is true and so is the hatred she has for him. She asks MJ to listen attentively that she’ll end whoever will attempt coming between him and Rudra. MJ is going to give it back to her his telephone rings. Maya asks him to pick it up since someone may be in danger. MJ glares at her and then picks up the telephone saying he’s coming. He leaves.

At the hospital, Diya remembers Maya’s words when she warned her against MJ. She also recalls MJ requesting her to abort the baby. She prepares the nutritional supplement for abortion and recalls when she wished to create Maya abort her baby. She’s going to have the supplement.

Afterwards MJ comes to fulfill Diya at the hospital. She hugs him yelling. He makes her sit and kneels before her stating that she needed to do it because there’s absolutely no place for any third person in their lifetime. Diya states that she could not abort the baby because it’s the one thing she can call her own. Rajiv and Maya watch them on tablet through cameras. MJ asks Diya to comprehend. Diya asks what she ought to know. MJ says that she must abort the baby but she refuses and grabs his collar requesting him to visit Antara and show her about their relation. She wants him to leave Antara and return to her and gives him two hours. He leaves and Diya cries.

Rajiv and Maya rejoice because their strategy got successful. Rajiv asks Maya how she understood that Diya could have turned against MJ. Maya answers that she was on her place ten years back.

Meanwhile Ananya and Rudra are shown the cover of”Beyhadh”, Maya’s publication. Ananya likes it since it is dark like the story and would like to finalize it Rudra says he wants his wife’s approval since wife is always right and she’s the writer also. When Rudra and Ananya are left alone, Ananya inquires Rudra why he brought his private life in the professional one. He states that Maya is the author and they can not continue without her approval. Ananya says it is fine as it is his company. Rudra asks her to give him any punishment but never leave the business because everything will be incomplete without her. Ananya gets psychological but only then Rudra receives Maya’s telephone and he goes out to attend it.

Rudra asks Maya what occurred. She says that she’s missing him and he gets amazed hearing it. Maya says that she’ll come to office from tomorrow. Rudra accepts and asks what the plan is for now. She says that she’s missing him but she knows he can’t return home since work is crucial. Rudra agrees but after cutting the telephone, he leaves the office. Ananya looks at him says that he lied when he stated that what’s incomplete without her because now his life revolves around Maya today.

Maya apologizes to Rudra since she needed to use him but she states that she understood he’ll come home and since it is the first day of her revenge, he’s got to be there.

Aamir and MJ talk about what to do with Diya. Aamir asks MJ to recall what happened last time when somebody loved him deeply. MJ remembers his past with Manvi who subsequently came back as Maya marrying Rudra. He recalls how she grabbed his throat and threatened him. He asks Aamir to recall what he’d done with Manvi also and declares to do the same with Diya if she does something wrong.

Rudra comes home with a bouquet of flowers for Maya. She has happy seeing him and hugs him. He asks her why there’s so much silence in the home. Maya tells him that Nandini and Rajiv went into the temple while Antara went searching. Rudra says that MJ has to be working instead. He says he is not like his father and does not like to work especially if his wife calls him. He has another present for Maya. It is a cake using the shape of two hearts and their names written on it. Maya says it is cheesy but Rudra says that it is sweet not cheesy. Maya applies cake Rudra’s nose.

On the other hand MJ come in Diya’s room. She asks him what he’s decided. Antara comes there also. She slaps Diya who yells. Antara blames Diya for attempting to take her place while she always considered her as a sister over a friend.

Maya hears the sound of the slap and informs Rudra that something should have happened. Rudra says that she’s only trying to go away from her and when it is nothing she will need to pay a prize for this. They move out of the room.

Diya informs Antara that MJ does not love her. Antara says that he does not love her too because MJ loves only his name and she’s his title, he loves only his children and she’s the mother of his kids. She asks her to abort her baby or MJ will take action. Diya goes to MJ who tells her the same. He says he will not let her destroy his life and orders her to abort the baby or else he’ll kill her with the kid also.

Diya calls both MJ and Antara creatures and is going to run away but only then Maya and Rudra enter into the area. Diya asks Rudra to rescue her. Antara and MJ look on shocked.

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