Beyhadh 2 6th March 2020 : Maya scares MJ threatening to harm Rudra

Beyhadh 2 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Maya stating that she won’t remain in the home where there is not any place for her mother. She goes to Rudra and holds his hand stating that she is not threatening himemotionally blackmailing him and does not even need to leave too but she must meet the responsibility of a daughter and can’t ask him to leave with her because he’s got to meet a child’s obligation. She states that they will remain separated but nothing will change between them. He leaves Rudra’s hand goes with her mother to get their stuff.

Afterwards MJ asks Antara to apologize to Maya and Nandini. Antara refuses. He gives her thirty minute to ask them sorry. Maya and Nandini walks towards the door. MJ begins the countdown from 5 to 1 requesting Antara to stop them after five seconds he’ll get to know why he’s asking her to apologize.

When MJ says 1, Rudra comes and stops Maya stating that she can not leave alone since they’d stepped together within the house. MJ tells Antara that he’d warned her but now she is able to regret. Antara goes to Rudra who apologizes to her and says that she does not need to accept Maya because he had married her without her approval but he’d promised Maya to look after her happiness. He adds that he knows she is not pleased with Maya in the home. Antara and Aditya try quitting Rudra but he walks towards Maya and holds her hands stating that he will be where she will be. Rajiv comes and says he will come with them also. The four leave. MJ glares at Antara.

Maya and Nandini return in their home. Maya tells Nandini she did so for herself as a daughter who can not stand for her mother can not stand for herself also. She requests Nandini to go to take rest as Rudra has to be arriving after parking the car and says that she’s planned a surprise for him. Nandini leaves.

Maya goes to open the door for Rudra and has prepared the gharpravesh ritual for him. She says he is coming in her home for the first time so this is essential. She welcomes Rudra inside with aarti and all. Rudra lifts Maya in his arms after finishing the rituals. Maya laughs. Rajiv comes and clears his throat reminding them that there are chambers in the home. Rudra and Maya go towards the space.

Rudra puts a vibrant bedsheet on the bed but Maya eliminates it and put a white one. They laugh and make the bed together. “Tere sang yaara” plays. They put their framework on the wall and dancing. They are happy.

Antara won’t inquire sorry to Nandini and asks MJ to find another way to bring Rudra back. MJ says he will find another way then.

At the nighttime Rudra is sleeping. Maya lies alongside him and caresses his hair. She believes that 24 hours have passed and MJ have not attracted Antara to apologize to Nandini possibly because his love for Rudra is diminishing up to her love for him is climbing. She grabs a knife and puts it around Rudra’s neck. Maya video-calls MJ and shows him exactly what she’s doing. She turns around and asks MJ if he’s not in any way scared because of his son. MJ says that she enjoys Rudra so she can not harm him. Maya says that there’s surely love beyond limitations but hatred beyond limits too and asks MJ if he’s going to wait that one will win between hatred and love. MJ warns her to not do anything but Maya says that it’s ten years old revival so that she can do anything. She cuts the telephone and hugs Rudra stating that MJ is correct when he stated that she is able to finish the entire world before letting a scratch come .

MJ calls someone and asks for the newspapers to get ready as soon as possible.

The following morning MJ brings a plate coated for Antara stating that he needed to repay her for what she did. Antara asks what she did. MJ says she left Maya successful in her plan, let Rudra depart and Rishi die. He uncovers the plate that has some papers on it. He gives them to Antara.

Maya asks Rudra to get up because he’s getting late for office but he’s feeling lazy. Maya says that a fantastic wife can not let her husband get overdue. Rudra says that a great wife always make her husband overdue. He kisses her cheek. Maya asks him to get up. Rudra says that it feels like she has another strategy after he leaves.

Antara cries seeing divorce papers signed by MJ and states that she’s his wife. MJ says that she had been his children’s mother but there’s no children left in their home. Antara begs him not to give her divorce and takes to do anything he wants. MJ cups her face and asks her if she’s sure about that. She cries and says yes. MJ lights a lighter up.

Maya convinces Rudra for up and believes he is right: she’s a plan for another Mrs. Roy. She smirks.

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