Bigg Boss 16 3rd February 2023 Written Update: tiff between Shalin and Shiv


Bigg Boss 16 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

Today’s episode started with Karan Johar’s greeting. He says he is hosting the show for the second time. Karan talks about grand finale. He says on 12th February fans will get their winner. Karan says last task impression is still left.

Inmates wake up. Archana asks Nimrit if Shiv isn’t able to open his eyes. Priyanka says to Shalin that Archana was harsh for throwing turmeric. She says they can’t kill humanity for money.

Shiv says why it happened now. Nimrit console Shiv. Inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

Archana asks Shalin if Shiv will get fine. Shalin says one get well even after taking the bullet. Archana wish Shiv’s eyes get curd.

Nimrit says to Stan that Archana don’t have humanity or shame. Stan says they don’t  need Archana’s apology.

Archana feels bad. Nimrit complaint to Shalin for the last task. She cry and says Archana ruined her face.

Archana asks Shiv what doctor said. Shiv says doctor says it will take one more day. Archana says the same happened with Gulshan during the Holi. Stan interrupts. Archana asks Stan to go else don’t give background music. Stan decides to go out.

Priyanka asks Stan what Archana said. Stan and Priyanka argue with each other.

Archana claim Nirmit started thus they did too. Nimrit asks Archana to get out. Archana breaks down and says mandali is portraying her wrong.

Stan gets angry on Priyanka and Archana.

Archana says to bigg boss that she don’t have anyone on her side.

Archana talks with Shalin and says Nimrit was aggressive in the task too. Sumbul defends mandala. Archana argues with Sumbul.

Shalin corrects Archana over making tattoo on her face. Stan and Shiv worries for nominations.

Karan Johar talks about nomination. He meets inmates and addresses them.

Inmates gets happy meeting Karan. Karan talks about prize money task. He further talks about nomination. Shalin share with Karan that he was dreaming about him last night

Karan talks about Archana’s poetry. He quotes poetry for Archana. Archana likes it.

Karan talks about Shiv’s eyes. Shiv says he got hurt during the task.

Karan asks Stan to perform Dhataran dance.

Karan talks with Subul about taking 17 mins and risking Shiv and Stan along. Sumbul wish she leaves today as redemption.

Karan perform tattoo task with inmates. Archana suggest anaconda tattoo to Nimrit.

Nimrit suggest question and exclamation tattoo.

Stan suggest chameleon tattoo to Shalin.

Shalin suggest specs tattoo to Stan.

Shiv gives spoon tattoo to Archana.

Karan stuns inmates and says season will run for one more month. Inmates gets stunned hearing about double extension.

Karan says he was joking. He calls season 16 one of the blockbuster season.

Karan gives a task to inmates to tell what personality development they will see in inmates if BB runs for 40 years.

Archana gives Shalin fake contender award.

Karan asks Shiv and Priyanka to act like a man and wife. Shiv and Priyanka entertains inmates

Karan asks Archana and Stan to fight over cleaning duties.

Karan performs jhatpat sawal round with inmates. Task started with Priyanka and ended with

Amid the task Shalin said yes when Karan asked id Shiv is a bully or not. He says Shiv bully him a little more. Shalin calls Shiv aggressive too. Task ended with Stan.

Shiv confront Shalin about saying he is a bully. Shalin defends himself. Shiv asks Shalin than why he was sitting with them

Shiv and Shalin argues with each other. Shiv asks Shalin not to show his double standards. He asks Shalin to stay away from him. Priyanka asks Shalin to be loyal to atleast one.

Archana and Priyanka talk about Nimrit.

Sumbul worry about nomination. Nimrit console Sumbul.

Karan welcome Badshah on the stage. Badshah shares talk with Karan.

Badshas meets inmates. MC gets excited. Badshah contenders on their so far journey. Badshah gives rose to Archana. He praises Archana’s game.

Badshah calls Stan on the stage. He says he is proud of him. Stan gets happy.

Badshah give a task to inmates to give fame and shame title according to their perception.

Task started with Archana. Archana give fame title to Priyanka and shame to Shiv.

Priyanka give fame to Archana and shame to Shiv.

Shalin, Sumbul and Nimrit give fame to Stan and shame tag to Archana.

Stan give shame to Archana and fame to Shiv. Lastly, Shiv calls Stan fame and Priyanka shame.

Sumbul talks with Shiv and says bigg boss is favouring Archana by sending roses thus she is blabbering anything. [Episode Ends]

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