Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update: Shalin and Stan argue with each other.


Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update On

Today’s episode start with Day 130 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

8:30 AM: Shalin and Archana sit together.

Priyanka asks Stan about her look.

2 PM: Stan calls bigg boss and talks about his look. Shiv enjoys. He too talks about his look.

2:45 PM: Stan asks Priyanka to sing the song she was singing. Priyanka sings and asks Stan how she is singing. Stan and Shiv pulls Priyanka’s leg. Priyanka asks Shiv and Stan the reason for their laughter. Stan says they are doing masti.

Priyanka teach Stan a song. Stan praises Priyanka’s singing.

4:45 PM: Bigg boss welcome media in the house. He asks reporter to question the top 5 finalists.

Reporter: asks Stan whom he will love, hate, war and date. Stan says he will love Archana, hate Priyanka, war Shalin and date Shiv.

Reporter: asks Priyanka why wants to become dictator. Priyanka defends herself.

Reporter: asks Shalin why he moked nimrit’s mental condition but in his low phase he tried to talk with each other. He asks how he got charged post Tina left.

Shalin says he was taking treatment. He says he was called for doing acting, but in reality he is an actor thus it is spotted in his gestures.

Reporter: asks Shiv if Sajid was dictating him the game. Shiv consider Sajid his friend

Reporter: asks Shiv and Priyanka why they talk against each other and didn’t played together.

Priyanka says Shiv and her game plan is different.

Reporter: he asks Shiv if he will sacrifice trophy to Stan

.Shiv says he is fine if amid the both whosoever becomes the winner.

Reporter: question Priyanka and Archana’s friendship.

Priyanka and Archana explains their bond.

Reporter: asks Archana she wanted to see Priyanka’s game y evicting Ankit.

Archana says Priyanka got weak post Ankit left. Priyanka defends herself.

Reporter: asks Archana she claim whosoever sit with Shalin gets scolding with Salman.

Archana calls Shalin bad omen.

Reporter: asks Stan why he didn’t praised Priyanka on her face. Stan says his girlfriend will get upset.

Priyanka gets glad learning Stan likes her stying.

Reporter:  asks Archana about being the reason for cancelling ration task.

Archana apologize for wasting food.

Reporter: asks Priyanka she was called jagat mata than why she didn’t took a stand why Archana was torched in the past when her clothes was thrown.

Priyanka defends herself. She adds during prize money task she just wanted Archana not to lose humanity.

Reporter: asks Archana if she keeps a double standard.

Archana defends herself.

Reporter; asks Stan how he got trigger to win the trophy.

Stan says he realized late.

Reporter asks Priyanka she needed Ankit in the game. Priyanka denies.

Reporter asks Shalin why he bitches about other. Shalin says she has a woman in himself.

5:45 PM: Reporter asks Shiv if he didn’t used BB Marathi strategy in the game. Shiv says he can’t repeat himself.

Shalin is called as dual personality.

Reporter asks Shiv if he don’t think he too plays sympathy card. Shiv explains himself.

Reporter calls Stan if he doesn’t think with Mandali’s support he landed to finale. Stan says he would have reached without mandali too.

Reporter: asks Shalin why he play victim and sympathy card. Shalin defends himself.

6:15 PM: reporter asks Shalin who is he in real?

Shalin says he showed his real personality.

Reporter asks Archana if she get insecure because of others success. Archana says she never got jealous of other.

Shalin, stan, Archana, Priyanka and Shiv click pictures together.

6:30 PM: Archana asks Priyanka if Shiv and Stan think bad about her. Archana says post seeing the episode they will see what others have said.

Elsewhere, Shalin and Stan argues with each other.

Shalin decide not to talk with Shiv. Archana asks Shiv and Stan to leave the fight as they have few days

7 PM:Priyanka asks Stan and Shiv what they were talking about her back.

Later, Priyanka and Archana argue with each other over kitchen duty.

Archana says to Shalin that Priyanka flipping in the last moment because of votes.

Stan, Priyanka and Shiv talks with each other.

12 AM: Shalin talks with horse in the garden area. [Episode Ends]

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