Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh fulfills the promise he made to Zoon


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh tells Rahul that they have to go to Zoon’s Independence Day celebration. Rahul informs him its not Zoon but her mother Indu’s office function. Ritesh tell him for her Zoon matters and no one else. Rahul tells that he is glad Zoon have a family of her own or else he will adapt her. Ritesh tells he is right. He then gets a call from Kaamna and gets shocked. He goes upstairs and finds his mother is in the stairs and sees her bleeding state. Rahul also comes there and gets shocked. Other side Kadambari gets upset with the driver who is late to pick her up. She decides to punish him for not being punctual.

A car comes there. She starts scolding the driver but gets shocked seeing Sameer. Kadambari asks him what is he doing here. Sameer tells her that he wants to do this for her. Kadambari reminds him it’s not easy to impress her though. Sameer persuades her to sit in the front and she obliges. Other side Sunita shows Rajender the excited guests who is eager to meet Ritesh and tells that she can’t wait to shut their relatives mouth by let Ritesh marry Indu and leaves the place happily. Rajender smiles at her. In the hospital Ritesh rushes Shakuntala to the hospital room.

People tries to take photo of him but Rahul scolds them all and goes behind Ritesh and family members. The guests praises Kamath sir then asks how long they have to wait though. Kamath sir says that Ritesh must be on his way so asks them to wait few more minutes. Indu and Payal overhears the conversation. Payal urges Indu to call Ritesh. Rahul who have Ritesh’s phone cuts the call. Indu tells this to Payal and the latter gets worried. Kamath sir comes and asks Indu about Ritesh’s whereabouts before Payal could tell him the truth Indu lies she is going to the parking to welcome Ritesh so asks him not to worry. Kamath leaves the place.

Payal asks Indu why did she lied to Kamath sir also what they will do if Ritesh doesn’t come. Indu tells that she knows Ritesh will definitely come so she is going to the parking and asks her to handle the situation inside. Payal agrees. Ritesh thanks the doctor who comes to treat Shakuntala in a short notice. The doctor tells him that he will see Shakuntala then let know him. Deep wonders how did Shakuntala fell from the stairs. Kaamna asks him to ask these all later now they have to concentrate on Shakuntala.

Indu sees Zoon assuring Priya that Ritesh will definitely come to the flag hoisting also she will also become Ritesh’s favorite just like her. Indu says to herself that she hope Ritesh Ritesh won’t break the heart of this kids and goes to the parking. Kadambari asks Sameer how he get her poem which she written for her college magazine. Sameer tells her that his uncle is her senior and he learnt through him she is famous during her college days. Kadambari gets uncomfortable and tells Sameer to drive fast as she don’t like going anywhere late. Sameer smirks and obliges. Indu tells Vivek and Zoon she called Ritesh but either he didn’t answered her calls or disconnecting it.

Vivek asks is Ritesh decides to take revenge from her? Indu tells that she hope it’s not what it is. Zoon tells that Ritesh will come for sure because he made a promise to her. Indu forces smile then goes to parking lot. Sameer drops Kadambari and the latter thanks him. She goes towards the office but stops seeing Indu. She recalls what happened five years back. Sameer comes to give Kadambari her phone which she left in the car but wonders the connection between Indu and Kadambari after seeing Kadambari’s reaction. Kadambari leaves saying she has an important work in office and leaves before Indu could notice her. Sameer gets determined to find the truth. He receives a call so he rushes to the hospital.

Sunita gets upset and tells her family members that she dont think Ritesh will make Indu face humiliation by not attending this ceremony. Sameer goes to the hospital and asks Vivaan how Shakuntala is. He then asks how did she fall from the stairs. Ritesh goes to Kaamna and asks her how Shakuntala fell. Kaamna looks at Pankaj which Ritesh notices. She then lies to him that the wheelchair get stuck and she lost the grip. Ritesh shouts at Kaamna. He then goes to the doctor who comes out after treating Shakuntala. The doctor assures Ritesh that Shakuntala is out of danger but they have to wait until she gains her consciousness.

In the office the guests blames Kamath sir for giving them false hope and wasting their time. Indu hears this and tells the flag hoisting will take place even Ritesh wont participate it. She the goes to the stage and gets the attention of the guests who is about to leave. She requests them to stay and wishes them Happy Independence Day. She then tells that she is happy to see many people who came to their office and they did invited Ritesh but he is a celebrity and that’s one of the reason he must be probably running late. One of the guest blames for giving them false hope.

Zoon asks him to to not to say anything against Indu also tells Ritesh will come for sure. Indu gives a speech about our Independence Day importance. She also talks about freedom fighters and the people who are making our nation proud. She then tells just because an actor failed to attend this they shouldn’t stop themselves from celebrating our Independence Day and tells Kamath sir himself is a real super hero so asks him to do the honor of flag hoisting.

Kamath tells he wants Priya and Zoon by his side. Indu smiles and nods at Zoon. Zoon goes infront of the flag. She forwards her hand to get hold of the rope which is tied in the pole. Ritesh joins her. Zoon gets happy. Indu and the guests also looks happy. Ritesh looks at Indu. He then guides Zoon to hoist the flag. They all salute while the Vante Matram song plays in the background.

Precap: Ritesh cries holding his mother’s hand in the hospital. Vivek asks Indu is she jealous seeing Zoon and Ritesh’s closeness. Indu cries and tells Vivek how she is worried that she may not be Zoon’s priority. Other side Kaamna asks Pankaj why he didn’t tell Ritesh the truth that he is the reason behind Shakuntala’s state. They both gets shocked seeing someone.

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