Chashini Upcoming Story: Raunaq’s shocking revelation


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Star Plus’s newly launched show Chashini. As different as chalk and cheese, Chandini and Roshni grow up as inseparable sisters. This show is gearing up for more drama when a tragedy sours their relationship.

In the recent episode we see, Manav confronting Tharun about his actions. Tharun tries to manage the situation but Manav lashes out at him for scolding Chandini, without her mistake. He complained that Tarun changed the night shift chart.

Tarun refuses to accept his mistakes. Maanav says to him that it’s better to accept Chandini as his co-worker. If he doesn’t like her to stay away from her, no need to be a friend of hers. But he couldn’t allow him to treat her like an enemy. If he tries to hurt her again using his power, then remind it that he is the boss of Tarun. He gives a stern warning to him and leaves.

Chandini is delighted as she receives her uniform and starts working. In the meantime, Sanjay sneaks out of the hospital and goes to the fire station. He meets Chandini there.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Chandini will grow suspicious. Roshini will argue with Chandini that they are struggling because of Sanjay Chopra’s deeds.

Chandini will inquire the hospital staff about Sanjay. Raunaq will inform her that she met her father once. Chandini will meet with the accident. Farhad will create a scene after learning that Sanjay is alive.

What will happen next? Will Chandini prove Sanjay’s innocence?

How will Chandini handle the situation?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates