Chashni 16th March 2023 Written Update: Raunaq reveals the truth


Chashni 16th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandini being surprised to see Raunaq in her office. She says that he is everywhere like a ghost. Raunaq says that she deserves applause for becoming the first firewoman in Amristar. He wishes to take a selfie with her. She says to him it’s a fire department. This is not his private garden. He takes a selfie and says that he is aware it’s not his garden. He shows the blue print to Chandini and asks her to check the paper. She assures him to look into it. She asks him who he had fought with? He says that he isn’t a goon. He is a good Samaritan. He is a good human being. Helps people. She asks him to narrate it. He said to her that the poor man was in a bad state. Their staff somehow managed to take him back. She says that she saw someone a while ago. He says that it was him. He was in a lot of pain. He kept repeating only one thing. He wanted to meet his daughters.

The pain and misery in his eyes were saying a lot of things. No one could have ignored him even if one wanted to. Chandini says that she is feeling bad for her daughters. How will they feel upon seeing him in that state? One can live without an identity, but living without a family is like dying every day. He just hopes he recovers soon and goes back to his family. She was lost to him. He teases her that she will fall in love with him if she stares at him like that.

She makes faces after hearing it. He says that he is aware it’s impossible to deny a handsome guy like him. He asks her to finish these papers. He wants to buy a property. He says to her that he said to her that she would look at him. She asks him to leave from there. She regrets looking at him. Later, Chandini prepares Roshini’s favourite halwa. She leaves from there without responding to Chandini. Roshini starts studying. Chandini asks her to stop it and say what happened? Roshini says that they will end up arguing with each other. We are still being punished for Sanjay Chopra’s misdeeds. He died and he left us to suffer. Chandini asks her to stop it.

Roshini says that nothing is there to protect them. She was a topper in her class though she faced humiliation because of Sanjay. She was fed up. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She can’t take the taunt anymore. Chandini advises her to ignore them. She adds that they don’t know what happened to them. Roshini argues with her about supporting Sanjay.

Roshini says to her that he would have been with us if he didn’t commit any mistakes. She recalls the past. The way the police searched Sanjay’s house and found the money. The protest outbreak everyone killed Saroj together. Roshini argues with Chandini for supporting Sanjay even after this much happened. Roshini feels heartbroken. Nirbhay calls her. She rushes out to meet him. Meanwhile, Chandini sees her father’s photo. When society blames him, she doesn’t care about it. When Roshini blames him she can’t take it. She doesn’t believe him. She was well aware that he was framed.

One day she will prove his innocence in front of everyone and make them understand that he wasn’t at fault. Raunaq comes there searching for Chandini. He finds Chandini in her room. He tells her that he needs her to sign this paper. Chandini scolds him for entering into someone’s house without permission. He shouldn’t interrupt your privacy. He apologizes to him. He notices Sanjay’s photo. She refuses to show the picture to him and says that he is no more. He is her father. He snatches the photo from her and recalls the incident. He says to her that he saw him. Meanwhile, Roshini shares her grief with Nirbhay. Raunaq says to her that he saw him. He was the one who met him in front of the fire station. Chandini rushes to find the truth. She learns from the doctor that Vandana and Bindu hid the truth from her these many years.

Episode ends.

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