Dabangii 21st May 2024 Written Update: Eklavya wins the challenge

Dabangii 21st May 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with somone calling Naina so she leaves the kitchen. Eklavya and Arya feel relieved that Naina hasn’t seen them.

Eklavya says to Arya that he is doing this much for Zai and asks Arya if she can’t do this much for him. Eklavya flirts with Arya and he puts the bangles on her hand when she is distracted. Eklavya promises to Arya that he will marry her once all of this is over. Arya agrees.

Naina comes and says Eklavya isn’t anywhere. Zai worries that Eklavya is with Arya. Bela asks Zai why would Arya do that. Zai says she doesn’t trust Arya one bit. Eklavya comes and asks Zai if he everything is ok. Zai says yes. Eklavya says he brought his mother’s bangles to give her. Zai asks Eklavya to put himself in her hands. Eklavya puts the bangles on Zai’s hands. Arya witnesses it from afar. Eklavya vows to Arya in her heart that once he marries her there will only be happiness in her life.

Bela comes to Ankush and says to Ankush that Zai is looking happy and says it looks like they did the right thing. Ankush reminds Bela that Zai got her happiness at the cost of Arya’s happiness. Ankush says to Bela that she is making the same mistake that she made in the past. Bela says they only did this for Zai’s life. Ankush comments on it.

In the Pooja, Zai and Eklavya sit for the Pooja. Arya recalls Eklavya’s words that he will put his and Arya’s wedding card at Bappa’s feet. Arya thinks she has to be careful. Bela puts Chunri over Zai and Eklavya. Zai asks Arya to bring her phone that is in her room. Arya agrees and is about to leave but she steps on oil and slips. Eklavya catches her. Zai’s Chunri catches fire. Arya throws the Chunri away. Zai blames Arya for it. Arya says it was just an accident and asks Zai how could she be responsible. Ankush criticises Zai and takes Arya away from there.

Ankush applies medicine to Arya’s hand as Arya burns her hand while saving Zai. Ankush asks Arya to stop doing these things for ungrateful Zai. Arya says Zai is her sister. Ankush says Satya is his brother and comments on it.

Eklavya comes to Arya and checks on Arya’s burnt hand. Eklavya later reveals to Arya that he won the challenge. Arya goes and sees at Bappa’s feet it is the wedding card with ger and Eklavya’s name. Arya prays to God and hopes that everything will go well.

Eklavya comes to Arya and flirts with her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Zai sees water has fallen over the wedding card and she can’t see the name of the wedding card. Zai blames Arya for it.

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