Mangal Lakshmi 21st May 2024 Written Update: Soumya seeks Kusum’s forgiveness

Mangal Lakshmi 21st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi lighting lamp in front of the Durga idol. She asks Maata Di to make her get the ring. Lipika comments that Gayatri is good as she sent dresses to their family. Shanti shouts she found the ring. Lakshmi happily goes to Shanti and asks where is it. Shanti says it’s under sofa. Lakshmi searches for it.

The guard on call informs Gayatri that Karthik has escaped breaking the door. Lipika sees Lakshmi’s ring is with her. She ties the ring to her chunri for the ring safety. Lakshmi tells Shanti that the ring is not under the sofa. Bhushan scolds Shanti for troubling Lakshmi. He says Kusum did correct by not inviting her to marriage. Shanti says Lakshmi’s fate is bad and it will be proved in today’s ritual.

Kusum says to her family that Gayatri’s choice of dresses are good. Adit comments Gayatri sent dresses to Lakshmi’s family to save her reputation. Mangal who comes there overhears it. Adit sees Mangal and comments on her class. They leave for Gayatri’s house.

Karthik comes to Lakshmi’s house. Bhushan asks what’s he doing here. Karthik tells him that he wants to talk to Lakshmi. He takes Bhushan’s permission and goes to talk to Lakshmi. Karthik tries to tell the truth to Lakshmi but Jia intervenes. Karthik asks what’s she doing here. Jia tells him that she came to help Lakshmi. Lakshmi thanks Jia for setting her hair. Jia comments Lakshmi and Karthik are a great pair. Karthik asks Jia to allow him to talk to Lakshmi. Jia thinks about how to stop Karthik. Bhushan comes there and tells Karthik that Gayatri asked them to reach the venue before the guests arrive. He asks Lakshmi to come. Karthik feels disappointed. Jia thinks Gayatri alerted her on time.

Karthik sees the decorations at Gayatri’s house. He mocks Mangal saying she can never make this type of decoration. Soumya comes there and asks Adit to leave Mangal. Kusum asks Soumya who invited her to their family party. Soumya tells her that Mangal invited her. Mangal agrees. Adit goes to his father. Akshat comes there and takes Mangal with her. Soumya apologises to Kusum for her past mistakes. Kusum forgives her. Soumya tells Kusum that she wants to learn life lessons from her. Kusum agrees.

Bunty asks Lakshmi to not worry about the ring. Lakshmi thinks to talk to Karthik about the ring. Karthik tries to talk to Lakshmi but Gayatri stops him and sends him to get ready. Lipika learns that Lakshmi hid the ring matter from Gayatri. Mangal comes to Lakshmi and tells her that she is looking good. Mangal sees Lakshmi is stressed and asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi tries to tell her about the ring but she can’t.

Anchor asks Groom and Bride to come to the stage. The spotlight falls on Lakshmi and Karthik. Karthik and Lakshmi come onto the stage. Anchor announces the surprise and gives some clues. Mangal asks if it’s Udit Narayan’s performance. Anchor says Mangal’s guess is correct. Udit comes there and sings the Mein Yahaan song. Everyone enjoys his performance.

Episode ends.

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